Changes to attribute abuse

Probably gonna get flagged for this one, but I’m a console player and can’t (and honestly don’t know how to) test this myself.

Did they fix the 50 cough cough exploit? Can anyone try it on testlive and let me know? Been about 2 weeks of cheating scumbags attacking us using this glitch so they are impossible to fight in melee combat and pretty impossible to kill period, would be a huge help if they fixed this since the only verifiable glitch I can get video of is their undermesh base and despite the dozen or so videos I have sent there has been no action taken as of yet. Would be wonderful if I was able to kill them in fair combat rather than just knowing they have even more of an advantage due to the agility changes.

Got proof?

Because the 50 stat exploit is long gone.

Proof is impossible to get since I would never do such an exploit myself, but when one of the trolls on my server runs up and solo kills 9 people that are very good at PvP then is able to grab all their gear and run off at high speed, it’s pretty obvious that they are using it. They only way I could show proof is if one of them took a video where they showed their stats, and they haven’t yet.

I promise you, at least on console, it is not gone. They may have fixed the original way of doing it, but there is another way to achieve it.

I don’t know why you’d get flagged. This is good info, and I’ll look into it from the PS4 side. Then when I find it, I’ll see if I can do it in TestLive, since I’m also doing that thang too.

Please do let me know if there’s somebody to talk to about this, or a server to check out, via PM is preferred.

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