Did this massive update change the stats of players who glitched to have FULL 50 attributes?

Did this massive update change the stats of players who glitched to have FULL 50 attributes?

I read in the patch notes they fixed a number of glitches to crash the server. It wasn’t clear about what was done about people with glitched stats though.

No, it didn’t:

Apparently, for some reason, they can’t just force-reset everyone’s attributes on reboot, the way they did several times before, and they can’t talk about it, either. :man_shrugging:


LOL… did …they lose their voice?


As far as I can gather they did fix the issue so they can’t do it anymore, but anyone who did it before the update keeps their demigod characters.

No, they’re not allowed to talk about it:

And honestly, if resetting everyone’s attributes the way the Potion of Bestial Memory does is “not as simple as before”, I don’t even wanna know why. :angry:

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From what Ignasis said in the post linked by Codemage. It looks like action is coming down on those who exploited it.

We’re gonna see some tears in the forums pretty soon. Get the popcorn, for its gonna get salty.


Ignasis did a more detailled answer in a thread, they will take care of those kind of players, they did a list of players with not normal stat and … surprise will happens

If only they would ‘leak’ the list to the server admin’s group. They could see a ban on both official and most private servers.


well personnaly i think one of the error of funcom, its to not communicate about action they do with cheaters. most of people think they don’t do action, but believe me, even if it take time to see action, and that they clearly lack of ressources, they do.

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Lets just say I can agree with you. But I also understand why they don’t.

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Could you share the link of that answer?

i do not remenber where it was, but it was said, and i can confirm that personnaly i reported may be 20 case with evidence in around 24 months and saw 15 of them ban (it can take some time, but it is treated)

so people that think that you can cheat and funcom do nothing will have a surprise

It’s not the first time they have tried to fix the stats and it probably won’t be the last.

I wish they’d post the steam accounts etc that have been banned. I run a RUST server which on avg gets 75-150 players a week, on that server i get avg 5 or so accounts that i can link back to previous Facepunch bans. Furthermore looking at their stats (k/d ratios, hit accuracy etc) i can easily see most times they’re back at it again with the cheats.

That amount of data is super valuable to keep my server at its best I can get anti-cheat protocols. Its not perfect but i couldn’t imagine a complete data blackout as that would require more admin time to monitor.

  1. Player Reports Cheater.
  2. Publisher/Maker does their own internal checks.
  3. Time passes.
  4. Some point reporters get notified “Your cheat report was successful” (never told if it fails only successes)
  5. Broadcast to twitter etc “steamid : xxxxxxxx was banned” (no reason, just banned).

It creates imho a reinforced feedback loop that reassures the population of players “We listen, we act, you matter” with really next to no technical effort beyond a twitter account or whatever broadcast mechanism.


Naah I’m good. I scan the threads every day!
Jokes aside we are different we have different tolerance levels.
(I agree, there are indeed racist things in the forums, I just meant that not every sentence that mentions a specific race - for whatever other reasons- are racist. Maybe in the future I have to extend my vocabularity in english to express myself more clear)

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Yeah, I know and I agree. It’s just that there has been waaaaaay too much actual racist crap on the forums lately and it got on my nerves. I won’t bug you anymore. :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry! :wink: There is nothing wrong with it.

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Literally no one believes that.

probably because you never reported with real evidence, and why do you think i will loose my time to share my experience, anyways its really fun to decay base of cheaters. but i still do not understand why funcom do not communicate on ban they do, every players that plays on officials will meet a situation with cheaters (so every players is exposed to that and know about it)

a proper report is with video or screenshot, and wold coordinate if it’s about a bug base, and if you are not respectfull when doing report well you can wait long.


So I see people in the forum complaining that they got banned because they had the 50 stat full glitch.
Am I dreaming?
I am so happy !

I quit the game (official) because this rendered all the servers I was at unplayable. This makes me VERY happy !!!

Thank you FUNCOM! Please automate that script and run it each time the servers restarts because there are still ways to do it!