Will the new update fix official server MAX STATS GLITCH & GET rid of the people currently using it?

As you all know, when ever an official server is crashing frequently (once every 10 minutes) it’s because some one is performing the MAX 50 all stat glitch.

If you play on ANY official server, chances are, there are tons of full clans using max 50 on everything because of a glitch.

Bad thing is, funcom won’t ban these players. Will the new update be getting rid of the glitch and at the same time, getting rid of the people who currently have the glitch on?

It’s easy to check. Max attrib points =389.

Any player with more than 389 points spread around = glitcher / cheater. A sql query can be run against the .db file the server generates to find these players.

Would the dev’s like me to provide with a c# source code with a solution?

Thank you!
Until then, I will play on non officials only.

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Nearly 90% of players do this already. Even some of the most stubborn anti-private server peeps have made the switch. I would dare say the only ones left on officials are the ones who are just ignorant to the fact that official-likes exist.

Where the settings are exactly the same. The experience is exactly the same. But the differences are:

  1. Better performance
  2. Better Moderation
  3. Lack of exploiters/cheaters
  4. Better uptime
  5. Special hosted events
  6. Friendlier non-toxic community

I’ve noticed that there has been more reports of griefing, cheating, exploiting, and so forth. I doubt the number of cheaters has gone up recently. But what is happening is its more likely for an individual to run into it with the diminished population. Its no longer a question of IF you will run into these people, but WHEN.

And if they’re going to cause you to lose your stuff through exploits, server outages, hacks, walling you out, and false flagging you as a cheater, then why not make the move and call it a loss anyway?

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yeah, when so many officials are empty, you will have wipers roaming from server to server.

But (at least on PS4) it also seems like a lot more exploit compared to a year ago. Back then you would maybe have 1-2 meshing clans on officials. Maybe. And they were often sh’t anyway, so it didn’t really disrupt the balance.

In my last plays I’ve found meshed bases within hours of joining a server and on the latest I was on I found at least 5 randomly placed drawbridges from 4 different clans within a couple of hours.

Sadly the populated privates on PS4 are all x10, instathrall etc

Should be 390 tho :wink: seems as if your stats are glitched which is very annoying and not fixable :unamused:.
Normally the player should have 390 points, sometimes one point is missing, only fix is recreating character. But i agree, everything above should bot be a thing

lol, i’m guessing they still won’t ban them.

The real question is will they even reset attributes? 8)

Undermeshing became the least of my concerns to be honest. But the all 50 attribute glitch is really f*cked up. I am really really really trying to be some sort of help in saving the game… But the game is dying so quickly, all I hear is “new world this, new world that”…

I remember the exact moment (the first time I played on 6301) the server just kept crashing, 3 days in a row… Imagine how many people got all 50 stats in that server?

Anyhow… none officials are pretty much almost cheater free, but then you have to worry about admin abuse, admin best friends, also you never know when the server is going to be unplugged.

It is so sad… The death of Conan Exiles.


The devs could run a quick script against the DB file, and get rid of all the cheaters, announce it, then im sure people would re-join the official servers.

Like, why would I waste time farming on an official hitting stones and black ice for DAYS, to suddenly be wiped when the WIPERS decide to log in.

I made an app in c# to get this done, can I release the source code here? (github)?


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