A fast way to fix the 50 stats glitch on officials servers

Dear Funcom,

I think you have telemetry data on the players, officials servers, etc … and the funcom ID.

So if you can just made a database extract in an excel file and filter :
Players with more than *** attributes points.

Then mass ban all of theses players. Fast and simple :slight_smile:

*** = max atributes points + may be some bonus with fragments or others + a security margin.

For example I use 122 points (30 10 30 0 30 22 0). So *** can be equal to 200 points, all 50 stats is 350 points.

(Do not only filter 50 50 50 50 50 50 50, because they will do 50 50 50 50 50 50 49 or something to bypass).


They know how to do this. I bet they may have done the database extract.

The question is if FC has the will to ban the players who cheat.

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Yeah exactly. We don’t even know if they will to reset cheaters stats after stat exploit fix.

No stats reset, a one month ban.

And after one month they come back with full 50 stats? :smiley:
What about stat reset and one month ban? Makes more sence.

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