Resetting attribute points on patch?

As already formulated in the heading of the question, I hope for an answer from an official here in the forum.

If not, how are the players / characters dealt with who now have full points for all attributes? Thus more than actually intended by the design.

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I think they must be banned first, then reset attributes for all players :slight_smile:

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That Funcom will ever manage to ban accounts that don’t play by the rules is seriously to be doubted. But hope dies last.

Of course, a general reset of all attribute points should be initiated for each existing character.

In this way, at least equality of opportunity can be restored in relation to the attributable attribute points.

Of course, this only makes sense if the long-known bug was fixed beforehand.


You must excuse my presence here, since I am ps4 player and fortunately I have no idea from what you are going through. Ofcurce I believe that if what you suggest will be helpful, then I totally support your idea. Still I have a silly question, what would stop this cheaters, hackers, you name it, to do this again?
Yet again, I stand in your side and I totally support any idea that can help all the good players of this game to have a fair gaming environment so they can experience a healthy competition.

It’s happening mainly on PvP OFFICIAL servers, PS4 is not exception.

It won’t happen again after reset because they fixed that stat exploit on TESTLIVE, but it should also reset stats of players that already have full stats on their characters otherwise there will be many people with full 50 stat characters anyway.

No one knows if Funcom will decide to do it, I hope they will…

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It doesn’t matter which platform you use, in the end everyone has the same topic on the table. In the famous Google video platform, there are a lot of videos that reflect the problems on all platforms.

What you would need are admins who are active at all times. Of course, this would require a 24-hour service. As is common in other games, the latter could then intervene immediately if irregularities occur or are reported. That this cannot happen for free or for the relatively cheap money to buy the game is clear: I personally can arrange to invest a certain amount each month in something that I enjoy in my free time.

What is preventing unfair gamblers from simply buying the game again? Only a hardware ban, i.e. On official servers, the hardware ID of the system or the MAC address of the respective network card would have to be stored centrally on a server. Of course, there are also ways to bypass these identifying features. However, that would by far not be the overwhelming majority of cheaters who could do it.

A competitive game, which this is undoubtedly here, needs “rule keepers”. Or a program code that is free of errors. However, the latter is impossible to program as this is created by humans :slight_smile:

In my opinion, cheaters would stay away from the game if they had to pay something monthly.

What management costs usually also costs money because someone has to provide the service, which in turn also has to feed on something.

What would also be conceivable: to designate “normal” players as admins who have already proven to be very rule-compliant in the past. Vl. those “Choosen from Asura”?

Why this: In the answers to the created tickets, I get the response that the request / complaint cannot be answered promptly due to insufficient staff. But during this time one base after the other is dismantled via unfair means (may I write underm …), or with Speedh … the community of players is driven off the server.

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How about something simpler. Once the week, all the attributes goes reset? Only the atribute ofcurce not the feat because I will quit :joy::joy::joy::joy:. I can’t imagine placing more than 1.000 feat points in every player I have, this would take me a week and then reset again, omg, I will quit for sure :joy::joy::joy::joy:.
Anyway, do you think this would help the situation?

This suggestion will not seriously prevent you from using the currently very easy “trick”. In the current situation, that would only lead to many more surprising server restarts.

Basically, the problem has to be tackled at the root. You can only do that if this is concerned: Improve program code and, above all, live admins or react very quickly.

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I don’t play private servers because they have admins, I wouldn’t like to pay every month to play this game, I play eso too but I don’t have eso plus :wink:. Your idea has a really fair point, but still if this happens, then I think I would quit the game. All the game dlcs, do not cost more than 100 Euro, still I don’t have them all and I play 2 years now, I suppose you understand me here :wink:. Not that this game does not worth my 100 Euro, but I am really happy and that they didn’t press me financially so far to play their game. Thank you Fancom for this.

I think some will think like you do. Probably even a majority: But you get what you pay for: If you pay little you don’t need to expect a lot. I would have no problem with it if there were a few official servers that would only be accessible with the famous “Premium” subscription. My Euros would have been.

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Now you start talking correctly. This is actually a really good idea. If they fix a veteran pve server difficulty barbaric (because this is my dream in this game), then I would pay this premium thing that you said. Still free servers should exist too. Yes I like this, Bravo my friend, excellent suggestion :+1:.


That wont be necessary if they fixed stat exploit like they claim to, only one stat reset on every official server will be enough.

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You got a Like from me, let’s get back to the original question: Let an official make a statement

They will reset all players stats. They did that twice in the past already. (Yes this exploit already happened two times in the game)

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They fixed going over max stat points or they fixed the current ways of crashing servers?

Because if it’s server crashing they fixed, there was other ways in the past and there will probably be new ways in the future.

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First they “Fixed a number of exploits used to crash a dedicated server.” on one patch
then they “Fixed an exploit in regards to alter character stats over normal values.” on second or third patch so it looks like they fixed ways to crash server and also stat exploit.

… but don’t quote me on that, i haven’t tested it on TESTLIVE but i hope they did mate.

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Any source on that?

Just look in the patch notes archive:

Especially here:


So their fix to attributes is only to reset them?
This is latest TESTLIVE patch:
" * Fixed an exploit in regards to alter character stats over normal values."

Hope it fixes exploit and not only reseting stats.

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