Attributes reset after corrupting

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Game Mode: Online official
Issue Type: Bug
Server Type: PvE
Region: US
Mods: No
Storefront: Steam
Server: 1513

Bug Description:

Attributes reset due to Attributes higher than level

Bug Reproduction:

assigned all attributes, then corrupted Vitality to 15 and Authority to 19, approximately 5-10 mins later received message stating attributes reset due to attributes higher than expected for my leve. My charater is level 60.


Have same bug…

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This seems to be an issue on officials only because the server setting to validate stats is enabled and it seems that this setting is not working correctly with corrupted attributes.

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Same bug

Same thing. Hopefully they get a hot fix out sooner rather than later

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Also happening on Xbox.

I’m on an official PvP server, Exiled Lands.

Happens everytime we corrupt our attributes.

Can u please check if u lost any recipes from your feats?

If not this way could be safer than the potions for respecing…

Hey there, this is a known issue we are continuing to look into.

More in this topic:

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thank you, that last server reset did the trick


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