Is the 50 in all stats cheaters really dealt with?

Okay…so the game has been ruined for us pvp players for two months now thanks to speedhackers, attack-reach-glitchers and the 50 in all stats guys. And for some reason a hotfix was NOT deployed.

In patch notes I see that the 50 in all stats now has been fixed. And thats it. No more information.

My question is:
(which until fixed is a bug, so don’t close or move my post please. Or ban me from forums)

Because I’m now hearing from several guys here that they still have their 50 in all stats. And i logged in and checked myself, without any extra stats, and see that my stats are not reset. So I guess no master stat reset. And then again, the question is; how and when are you gonna reset the cheaters?

I can’t understand why you don’t relay any more information about this? It’s not like it’s a big secret.
And many of us have been waiting for weeks for this patch to go back to gaming Conan Exiles, so yes, it does matter how and if this is dealt with.


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I asked about this 2 months ago to community private message and had no response.

I have duped stats on official pvp server and they are not reset, people who exploit it still have huge adventage. (its empty official pvp server, so dont attack me with pitchforks)

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Hi @Jengster, thank you for your concern.

Our team was preparing the update and the fixes preventing the exploit to continue was the priority. Now that’s released, they should start working on a safe way to address those players without prejudice to the ones playing fair.

We apologize for the long wait, we are still working from home and doing our best to work as fast as possible. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response, and my intention is not to jump on you with great fury ( :slight_smile: ) beeing the one replying to me.


It’s been a known bug now, a great bug, for like 8 weeks. And most of us legit players have been handed our own but by these players as noone can compete with 50 in all stats. Skill or no skill.

And all the work beeing put into the new map really, really seems to be getting in the way of fixing the game breaking bugs (and really old bugs on the old map). So having us wait even longer for this unfair advantage to be fixed really really sucks. And I think i speak for quite the few players.

For myself I have stopped playing the game completly while waiting for a fix. And now, once again, im the one stuck like a fool, only regretting I did not cheat my stats up aswell, as it has been going on for 8 weeks and then now, they get to keep it for even longer.

I must say; I am really dissapointed in the way this has been handled. And only when you think it can’t get any worse…this happens.


I respect you for letting us know. I was about to fire the game back up thinking they fixed it. Now you saved me from that wasted time.


Hey @Jengster,

We understand your frustration, after the work hours we are players as well!
The good news is that even with the working from home situation, pandemic, and all, our team is still growing and we have a team dedicated only to bug fixes and improvements aside from the Isle of Siptah updates.

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:


Anytime, im glad i did this so i can test it and see if its worth come back to game or not.

You are wrong in one thing tho. It’s not 8 weeks that this exploit was on, this exploit exist since early access, only 8 weeks it was that bad coz it leaked to youtube so many many more people used it. Before it was used mainly by chinesse people, they even show it on streams and have never been punished.

They look for excuses like it’s time consuming or something but it’s not true, it can be easily made to FORCE RESET stat on every character on official server. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame community managers / developers / coders but MANAGEMENT and people on LEAD.

It’s so long that i think it will never change. Officials server are officialy just playtoy for chinesse / turkish cheater groups - and no im not racist, that’s just straight truth.

Yeah…they did a master reset before. And for once they diden’t break anything while doing it.
I don’t understand why they don’t do it now.

Meanwhile I’m stuck sounding like a rocknose when walking ingame now. I would love to hear how that bug made it to live…


Hi, @Mayra. Thanks for replying to the concerns here. Is there a reason why they can’t do what they’ve done before and just force an attribute reset for everyone on official servers on the next reboot?

I know it’s been done at least once during the time I’ve been playing Conan Exiles and it’s not unfair to anyone, because the total number of attribute points can always be determined from the character level and isn’t subject to additional increases, unlike the total knowledge point pool, which can be expanded using fragments/tablets of power.

So, knowing that it’s neither unfair nor impossible, can you shed some light on why it’s not an acceptable solution?


I know how Conan Exiles SQLite database works, it just needs simple QUERY to put it to default values on all players with 60 level.


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Hey @CodeMage, this isn’t as simple as before.

We can’t disclose internal processes but, we can assure you our team is already working on it. :wink:


How is not simple as before?
As I show’d you it’s simple as SQLite query:

  1. Get players with 60 level;
  2. Modify their stats to 0 (14,15,16,17,18,19,20)
  3. Modify BP_ProgressionSystem_C.AttributePointsTotal to default value on 60 lv (BLOB value)
  4. Modify BP_ProgressionSystem_C.AttributePointsUndistributed to default value on 60 lv (BLOB value)
  5. Modify BP_ProgressionSystem_C.AttributePointsDistributed to default value on 60 lv (BLOB value)

Bravo, stats reseted, problem solved, so what’s your internal process? Even newbie can google how to do algoryth SQLite querry.

EDIT: You can also repeat it same way with other levels with different values but i don’t think it’s necessary as no one would waste time and dupe stats while being below 60 lv.

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Hey there,

Just stealing the thunder slightly to mention that detecting players that have unusual stats is doable and we’re using that for, say, a naughty little list.
Besides that, @Mayra is on point by mentioning work is being done to reestablish the stats in a future hotfix. The priority this time was to get the main fix out of the gates first, while we deal with naughty wrongdoers until the second part of the fix is out. :slight_smile:

As per the do-ability of one thing or the other, we’ll let the ones in charge of doing that decide it based on the work ahead.
Until then, rest assured this is not a forgotten matter.

Closing the thread, hoping our answers have resolved the main question.

Have an excellent 2021, everybody!