Where to report players who are Exploiting


So we got into a raid fight with a clan, and some of there members stopped taking damage. I.E jumping from high places and landing onto the ground. They would go invisible when they dodged(This appears to be a bug rather than an exploit). As a result I started talking to other clans that had “lost” to them, and they reported similar things, one of the Clans which are the server alleged was “raided” every time get got a arch-priest and they would raid the specific vault or chest rather than the building itself. Then I found out one of the older clans that fought them had a video off the clan using the exploits.

But long story short is where do I report said clans/players. Exploit Hunters appears to be a place to report the Exploit but not the players. If we are unable to report the players then what can we do?

Hi there,

The Exploit Hunters tool is used for reporting any exploits that you find in the game, not the players that you see using exploits in-game. That being said, we, unfortunately, do not have the ability to moderate any other players that are seen using exploits. If this is something that you feel is needed in the game, please feel free to post a thread in the #conan-exiles:suggestions-and-feedback topic.

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