Tool to report PLAYERS for abusing glitches and exploiting?

We know we have tools to report EXPLOITS that will be fixed in upcoming patches.
We also know we’re not supposed to openly report players with their names on the forums.
However, the way that Official Server works nowadays is completely impossible.
Clans can abuse glitches and exploit, being it in battle or in building or even in going into bases from under it.
I completely respect Funcom’s tool to report Exploits so they can fix it and they do a good job on that, as most are addressed on following patches.
However, what to do when players are openly “cheating” with those exploits to take over everything on an official server? What can we do about it? Just sit and let our 3-4 month work go to waste because we can’t attack back groups that store items under ground, or inside meshes (yep, still happening apparently), fight without spending any stamina and so forth… Our only hope for a solution is to wait for a patch…? This is the part that bothers me. Something should be done in these cases.
Why not a server-ban, a server reset, etc…? Wouldn’t that be feasible? Wouldn’t that be fair? Or is it better to let them be as Funcom sponges all the responsibility of existing bugs on themselves and not the players?
I feel bad for Funcom when it comes to that as they don’t want to admit players are abusive as it’s their own fault… But some kind of monitoring, or at least monitoring upon reports should be implemented.
I work in exactly this for another company and it works wonders. Small punishments here and there will prevent people from abusing those exploits. Knowing it’s not punishable encourages even others to do.
Can someone from the game staff contact me so I can explain the whole situation and why a bunch of people from a region are quitting Officials to play on modded servers (which are not nearly as fun as Officials TBH)?
Would that be possible? Would that be a thing?

Hey @ElChupacabra

To report the use of exploits please use our tool Exploit Hunters. Regarding harassment and griefing and our stance in administrating official servers, here’s our stance:

Well, as you pointed out the tool, it clearly states it’s to report exploits rather than EXPLOITERS.
Anyways, if you do have the tools, check them coming now (they promised to raid us today and it’s raid time). Server information and names were sent on the PM I sent you earlier today.


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