Report hacks official server

Hello, I’m new in this forum, I don’t know where to report illegal / malicious activities on the official server where we play. They have made the connections in our houses not work, they are hacking the server and we know it because a friend has called his Internet company and they say they kick us from the server. Obviously we have reported this in the game. We can prove it since we have videos, but it will be easy to check because they do it so often and the players have even recognized it. 3 days like that, it tires a lot. Tell me how to report properly.
P. D: nerf jebal sag claws, ridicolous pvp

Hello @Hipo, welcome to the forums!

To reports exploit(er)s you may either send a DM to one of our staff members or to use our Exploit Hunters tool.

In this particular case, we’ll reach out to you through DM for your convenience. :slight_smile:

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