Official 1931 server is down

I know it’s not an official server down. Please solve this problem.
I’m sure the admin knows better about this. Whether it’s a malicious server attack or a server problem.
The 1931 server is down all day. Please give me a proper answer or activate the server.


Whenever a clan with bombs attempts to harm this base in A12 the server goes down. The clan has duped hundreds of thousands of building materials and has linked them across the map and specifically in that sector. There is also an undermeshed base near mounds of the dead that is connected to this. The area throws fatal errors and the players there use thousands of thralls to lag the server horrifically. As a general case this occurs in game as a counter attack

Down this road again Jhiadi? Take a particular interest at the bottom post very enlightening.

what is the clan with the spam on 1931 again?

Can’t name on the server but you know that . All I can say it is not my clan and the others on the server know this too as you do not see anyone else accusing us as you previously have. Not sure whose place that is not sure of the clan and it does not look familiar to me as we are much farther north than this.

Oh thats right the clan that has duped millions of materials and is crashing the server. very pathetic that they are the ones to cry on the forums about being cheated against when they use all of the exploits. To try and turn this on an enemy for failure is really sad.

Most of this thread is moot, for the following reasons …

There are no admins on official servers, Funcom does not have the resources to administrate the multitude of servers they graciously provide us with at no cost.

Naming and shaming is against forum guidelines.

Two clans accusing each other of exploits is actually laughable. It sounds like three year old kids and a prized toy.

What is relevant, though, is the use of exploits to gain unfair advantage in PvP. Unfortunately, nothing in this thread contributes to aiding the devs in finding, and removing, the various exploits.

Were I an admin, I would throw this thread in the bin, keeping the one piece of relevant information, server 1931, and possibly (since it is so vague) undermeshing near the mounds.

Not so many regards on this one


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That doesn’t even make sense. I mean it makes perfect sense that they lack the ability to actively moderate servers, but it makes zero sense to claim they lack the ability to respond to reports.

thank god you are not an admin XD hehe

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