Under the map issues official 1931

So i am not too sure if this is the right spot, but on official server 1931 we are fighting a clan called MD. They are living under the mesh and are not even trying to hide it, they are openly streaming the base, openly streaming them using toggles to become unkillable. Today I have compiled a video of them from under the mesh, we have opened exploit hunter tickets and other tickets, it was recommended that I post on the forums via the community discord. As a new user I can not upload videos or pictures but if you DM me i can post all this in a DM

We dont know what to do, the server is banded together to raid them but we cant get to their base, we keep breaking their vaults above ground but last night they literally popped up out of the ground with over 300 explosives and dropped one of the bigger bases on the server and ran back under ground. We do not want to fight fire with fire but are at the end of our ropes. Do we quit playing or cheat ourselves? Is cheating actually allowed because that is the impression we are getting.

If it happens, bug should be fixed and server wiped…

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I play on this server and I’m not liking the fact that there is a clan we can not get to. Plese send a dev to investagate this server to see the bace and exploit. Also blow it up??? Or do you not care they are exploiting your game? I’m not sure If this is happening on all of your servers but we would like updates on what is happening and how it will be fixed.


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This is unexeptable, we pay very good money for this game and we ask for 5 minutes of a devs time to fly under the map and look at and remove unwanted baceses. I spent way to much time to restart on a new server. We want the exploiters banned and gone so we can raid and pillage with out worrying about an under the mesh bace.


best thing to do here is to find how they go under the mesh then report to bug exploit so they can fix it

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