1931 Down again and not loading

Crash, performance
America (PST)

Long loading times ending in disconnection for hours. Reported the server down numerous times.

Hey there, can you try again? Looks to be up at this time. If you still can’t get into the server please let me know. Sorry for the trouble!

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Not a problem and it indeed seems to be up and running though my friends say it is very laggy there atm .

Its “up” but hung or lagging so badly cannot access inventories or player list.

Please fix :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:

same thing has been on 1590 with intentional player exploit crashes for 5 days now

I get “Outgoing Buffer Overflow” error now when connecting

Right on, thanks for the info all. We’ll look into this more!

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Thank you again.

Any update, its still down

STILL DOWN, if we manage to get in we can’t do anything until we get disconnected… Server been down for 18 freaking hours now. I paid for this game the lack of concern on funcom behalf is beyond frustrating, this sh*t happen at LEAST once a day

Not sure as we are awaiting update on server status. Keep reporting on reporting tool please.

Hey there,

We’re aware of some unusual network traffic on that server and we’ve proceeded to disable decay timers for 1931 again. Our team is working on a fix that would cover the vulnerability exploited, but we still have no ETA yet.
Apologies again for the frustration.

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Thank you for the update :smiley:

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