#1931 Not loading Again Again

Crash, performance
America (PST)

1931 can no longer log in after server restart.
Let me know if the cause is DDOS or just because there are too many objects.
If there are many objects, wipe them.

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can’t connect for the 3 day. funcom watching how long ddos will be maintained.

Hey @zeonjp

We’re monitoring the situation in that server cluster as it appears it is an intentional attack against those servers. We disabled decay on them for the time being and our team is keeping an eye to any movements happening in those servers.
Apologies for the frustration.


Hi @Ignasi
Thank you for your reply
Does taking DDOS take a long time?
If so, I will try to evacuate to another server.

We don’t know for how long the player or players who are doing this will keep their attack. Protection against this attack should come with the next patch or two, but we still have no ETA for when that will be.

OK, thx @Ignasi
Please do your best

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