Server 1932 Can't Log In (Again)

So someone didn’t like the disabling of Avatars maybe?
Saw some people today on 1932 I had not seen before. And boom. They log off and The server starts to lag and now there’s the outgoing buffer overflow again and - I cant log in. I managed to get back in once but it lagged so bad as to be unplayable. Again.

Well. Had a good 3 weeks or more since our 4 month ddos fest on 1932, and we’re down again.
There was hardly anyone on this server anymore, some new people started setting up in the last two weeks- and now they will be gone too.

Please help.

Hey @jjabberwockk

Apologies for the frustration. Our team is working on covering the vulnerability some players are using to make 1931 and 1932 non accessible.

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Thanks for your help. Hope the guys figure something out! It seems its been completely dead since yesterday, and yeah, still can’t log in.

Still down. No bueno.

Do you guys mind setting the decay timer off again? I dont think anyones logged in in the last 4 days because of this ddos issue…

Decay is disabled for both 1931 and 1932 until we’ve implemented a fix for the vulnerability being abused.


Thanks a bunch, really appreciate it.
Good luck to the devs to iron this out!


i recently started playing conan exiles and i was really enjoying the game since it was my first time and then this happens “outgoing reliable buffer overflow” cant login anymore and it has been like this since 7th . I hope the devs fix this soon

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