Conan Exiles Server 1932 is down Need Help

Conan Exiles Server 1932 is down Need Help

Came to report, stayed for the commentary.

1945 same issue.

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and this is the case for 3 days, i have not been able to log in during the whole week end. reports via officials form have no results. but i keep doing it.

1932 server is going through major issues since mid april, and i would say it’s the server who has the heavier problem, between major lag issues making totally unplayable game, or simply nobody able to connect in for several days. what about the decay timer ? 90% of base on this server already decayed.

@Ignasi We will now enter in the fourth day where it’s impossible to connec to 1932. I know that funcom and gportal works to solve the issue, but as i am not sure at all that the next patch will solve this particular problem on this server, can you help us either in making accessible the server or at least have some action to prevent the decay of bases, because if you cannot log…it’s hard to refresh structure.

by the way situation is now far more better with 1931,it is working for the last 3 days even if some crash have occured, let’s hope we will have the same luck with 1932 ?

Some of the issues 1932 is having will not be fixed with tomorrow’s patch. G-Portal is currently upgrading the infrastructure for that and a few other servers that should help with it. This process is slow and could potentially still take some time for it to be completed.
We apologize for the frustrating situation until then.

Thanks you ignasis, knowing that can we do something with decay timer in this exceptional circumstance until this server become again normal.

If the issues with 1932 will not be fixed tommorow ( I know it’s hard so that’s not surprising.) then can we please, please, have the decay timer doubled or more ( Like holiday decay timer.) so that we can at least have a small chance of refreshing our structures?
I know that one of the reasons this is being done to 1932 is because they want all things to decay. They are being spiteful because they were defeated and this is one of the ways to get back.

decay timer what what my issue is all my stuff is going to be gone soon and i have worked for months building it

@Ignasi, please please hear the words of last survivors of this server who have been through hell, and who cannot even log in to refresh structures, help us for decay timer !

server 1932 do not even reboot at its usual time

this is whats going to be lost

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well now 4th day where totally impossible to connect to 1932. If all my assets decay after more than 1000 hours invested on this server, i will sincerly do not understand.

if nothing possible about the decay timer, than Simply turn off the server and do a backup. there is no sense to make run a server where we cannot connect, where nobody can connect…. please help.

Ahh so thats your place :wink: My friends and I were commenting on how cool your build is. Not that ugly spammed foundation crap we find all over this server. We’re the giant T3 fortress up the road from the Croc. pond, with the back elevator building down river from you.

And man, I don’t know if I have the will and strength to build ours back up if it decays. I’ve rebuilt the place from catastrophic damage 6-7 times now, after being bombed, raided and double god stomped by undermeshing cheaters we had no way to retaliate against, with our 10 man clan of real world friends whittled down to 3 because they got tired of fighting people you couldnt really fight.

Hey everybody,

We understand the frustrating situation and how the planned measures might take too long for some of you to take effect. For that reason, we’ve decided to take your suggestion into account and disable decay in server 1932 until the planned upgrades are finally installed into the server’s hardware and software.

This is an exceptional measure and we’ve spent the past few days debating it, but due to the amount of evidence we have and the time that has already passed without providing a satisfactory solution we deemed it necessary to make this situation a little more bearable for the legit players of server 1932.

This change is in effect as of the time of this message, and it will be reverted once we have a better solution in place.

Thanks for your patience.


thank you so much

I looked back at my post on this server and i have been posting stuff about 1932 all the way back in May

Thank you so much Ignasis and funcom to have listen us.

we now know that funcom is better than crom :wink:

Much, much appreciated!

Thanks Iggy ( See, you’re my new best friend now so you get a nickname.) :slight_smile:
I am glad it registered that decay is a factor in all this. Next to Azeroth I am one of the longest players on 1932 ( Over 2.7K hours.) and this is a great relief for me and all my work.

Well it has been harder to get in to check to see if decay timer is off. Still don’t know for sure but I assume so.
Also, why does Battlemetrics show server is online over 90% of the time when it isn’t?
Unless they count a lagged out unplayable server as online?