Please address server status 1932/1931

I put together this little video to show what’s taking place, and hopefully somebody will address the issue. Hundreds of hours of work is going to be lost if someone can’t fix or address the issue. Someone please make some phone calls, take a leadership role. Send some emails, figure out what the problem is. I have my ideas but but I’m not a hundred percent

I put together recommendations in the past, and my post usually get locked in Hidden… like giving the servers holiday Decay timers until the issue is resolved. Everybody stuff is literally disappearing. Because they can’t get on…

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thank you so much for the time you spend to do this video Brokenfangs, yes this is what we experienced with server 1932 since mid april… Something really need to be done, last post of ignasis stated that gportal is actually looking at it and they will do report to funcom & funcom will let us know.

But as you said, meantime we still have the problem of decay timer… because if you cannot connect you cannot refresh. this is already late, not a lot of base survived, this is the last opportunity to do something.

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Yes, this has been a daily issue since the end of March / April. I play on this server because of friends I have over seas.

It has basically caused many players to no longer even consider playing on these servers. It seems that as soon as some of the “under mesh” issues were corrected, the DDos stuff started happening. We have even posted with screen shots of people counting down till the DDos attack and sure enough the server went down.

Reported the same issues to G-Portal as well.

It has gotten to the point that even when the server is up and running, you can’t leave your “safe spot” because the server will crash at any minute and all your gear gets lost.

G-Portal? Hmm… I rented a server from them a while ago. I ran away as hell after a couple of days. No comments.

I don’t understand why people play on officials. I tried several of them and very often [not always] found high ping and ping spikes, lag, demons and trolls. Same issue if watching streamers playing on officials and read the game’s chat window, toxic people many times. Well, I guess we are social animals so we go where we see people.

because official server Don’t wipe; played 1 year on private but was tired of restarting everything every 6 weeks.

server 1931 is not reachable for more than 8 hours, reported ten time via official reform already.

1932 is Under heavy lag for now 6 days (serverlag 600-1000)