Server 3141 off


My friends and me start a new begin in the 3141 but there is a problem the server is now off we don’t understand the reason.
I search about that and i found a topic on this forum about the 3141 and someone say there is the same things that happened (the topic is 2 week old) but the community manager just ask if the playstation is wired connected. My PS4 is wired connected and i have the optical fiber i think the problems come from the host.

Please what can we do ? Someone can fix it ? Should we go to another server again and start all over again? We have already spent a lot of time here and it will bother us a lot

Hello @ZazouTV, welcome to the forums!

We’ve looked into this server and can confirm that it has experienced some unusual crashes during the last 24 hours.

As G-Portal will be performing maintenance throughout all servers, please don’t hesitate to reach back to us if any issues persist after this process is concluded:


This morning the server was unavailable. I think its a maintenance like you say.
But now, 5 minute ago, during the raid time, the server crash.
I’ve already see that things in a other server and i know it was a DDos attack.
I think now the server crash because someone launch a DDos attack, because they are bad player.

Please can you doing somethings ? Yesterday i lost a complete stuff because the server crash when i play and i think now its the same. I’m very bored about this and my friend too.
it’s a shame to massacre the game like that because it is excellent in all respects.

Hello @ZazouTV, we’ll reach out to G-Portal so they can look into this specific server, thank you for letting us know.

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The server is now ok but i’ve lost my stuff for the second time in 2 days for no reason !!! When the server goes down, there is some monster who kill me because i’m not disconnect in my base. It"s very bored please catch the people who did this bloody DDos attack. I think it’s a clan in the server

The server crash now it’s the second time today. I think it’s out for 2 hours like yesterday

Hi, i’m really sad. When we win a fight against an italian clan as if by chance the server crash… 3 times.
Can you confirm the information : The multiple crash is linked to DDOS or no ?
Sorry for the multiple report but when the server crash we send the information to the staff.

(English is not my maternel language thx for the comprehension)


I just connected I have moved forward a bit and the server has disappeared again.
I do not know what to do. Playing on this server becomes impossible. We have already spent a lot of time here and the problems are getting worse.
This kind of problem always appears around the time of RAID when certain tribes are connected. I think it is linked and that they are organizing DDos attacks in order to slow down our progress on this server (we are a clan of 6 fairly experienced players I think it scares them).
The first day we had no problem playing but since then it has become impossible.
What do we have to do ? Wait until the problem is solved or waste time has to start again elsewhere?
It’s unbearable

it’s been 2 hours since the server crashed it still hasn’t reappeared. I’m pretty sure someone is having fun crashing the server intentionally, please fix the problem

G-Portal has been actively monitoring this situation, please let us know if you experience any similar issues.

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