DDOS Attack on Official 1031

Our server is getting ddosed for several hours now. We can connect sometimes but not really move because ping instant goes up to 1020. We never had problems like these for the last months.

Today some undermeshers joined the server but i went to their stuff as fast as i could and managed to kill one guy who tried to get away with speedhack and their stuff. One second after i killed and looted him the server went down, ping is up and nobody can join the server anymore.

As i said im playing here for several months we never experienced anything like that before. Ping was always fine.


Hey @therryy

We’ve informed G-Portal about this so they can check if there’s been any recent anomaly.


Its back up, thank you.

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And the server 1979 the infrater clan also attacks so that the server falls, it has been doing it for 5 days

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