1931 and 1932 are dead in the water again?

Seems again it was back for a few days then now- "Unable to log in. Fail to join requested game. "

I was able to momentarily appear in game when there was prabably a server restart, but kicked immediately and unable to get back in again.

Hey @jjabberwockk

Apologies for the frustration. The usual problems of those servers are happening again. We’re still investigating the network exchanges in that cluster.

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Are the decay rates still paused?

I hope so but without being able to log in who knows… Ignasis?

They should be unless some unexpected changes happened in the meantime. We’ll ask our team to give it a look and confirm over the day.

So… another week with zero action possible on the 1932 server (though I don’t play on 1931 it looks the same)… any sort of solution in sight?

We’re in talks with G-Portal to deploy some server-side modifications that would help with this problem. It might take a few extra days until it becomes functional.

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how long it is going to take ?

Hey @xTent

The deployment was postponed due to the critical issues after Update 37. Once our team has gotten those issues under control, they’ll resume the deployment of the modifications.

ok let me get this straight, funcom stopped working on the server side fixes, a fix required to let players play in their server (2 servers) and the server has been offline for 16 days? , because you needed the man power to fix the mess created with update 37, (and hotfixes)… correct? and once that mess is fixed they(you) will resume the work to deploy the server side fixes? in the meantime go play in another server?

i wonder ignasis, does funcom has enough man power to handle the game?, or did they went into other projects and CE is being taken care by very few coders? just out of curiosity. cause it seems there is not nearly enough people handing CE ( i could be wrong)

You’re most likely wrong. No company is going to dedicate tons of resources to get one server out of hundreds back up. Doesn’t reflect on the manpower available, but rather on the priority level of the issue.

ok , fine, tell that to the people not being able to access their game for 2 weeks and a half, having 2 servers offline for 16 days is not important?, or worth prioritizing?. or maybe they need tons of resources to bring them back online…

i have not heard of any other server being offline for more than a week…

and yes , having server offline is very important, and not being able to bring it back online , does reflect a problem in man power or inability to prioritize it. (either of the two)

Psalm, I agree with you. From an outside perspective, Funcom does not have the profit/cost model required to staff properly.

The results are in the ability to produce/perform/correct the game at an even tempo. My fear is that the employees are being overworked and missing things, on top of missing time with their family. Understaffed.

I would gladly pay a monthly nominal fee to use what they have given freely, the official servers. An additional source of revenue, even small, would go a long way to resolve the current problems.




oh i have to agree a 10000% ,

i wouldnt mind pay a small fee, to help keep the servers going in good shape,

but sadly that aint happening. :frowning:

but, what if funcom could create an official premiun servers (one that requires a monthly fee?)

You jump from a server being offline for 16 days to FC being understaffed, overworking employees, and them missing time with their families? Quite a leap. None of what you said changes the fact that yes, a sever being down isn’t a ‘drop everything, OMGARMAGEDDON’ moment.

My server has been down for over 40 days now. So while I sympathize with the terrible plight of these poor players and their life altering server issues, maybe not jumping to armchair consultation about FC business practices, cost/profit model, or the state of their employees would be a good idea.

40 days? whats the official server? otherwise its not their responsibility. , i have never said overworking employees, i have not said anything about the time with their families (please dont put words i have not said)

thats a matter of perspective, i would not be happy if i could not play the game at the server i decide to play at, you know that place i choose and now i have made friends in there? that place where my online friends are… and a large etc, etc.

It can be seen as an important matter that should be taken care of, and not with delays, i guess it depends who you ask, and whoever complain about that fact has all the right of the world to complain and express themselves.

wow, just wow, . by wording it the way you did … signals me, that this discussion is over…

At some point maybe Funcom should realize they can’t solve their mess and either refund people who can’t play or grow some balls and finally decide to wipe those servers…

There shouldn’t be any question of the developers work/life balance here. It’s a commercial enterprise.

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Sure, they have a right to complain. Which is why I didn’t say a word to them. I complained to FC about my server (yes, official) and will continue to do so. But you aren’t them, so I was responding to your input into the thread.

Along with someone else in this thread, who made the comment about overwork. Read other comments for that, and if something doesn’t apply to you then move on by.

So, you play on an official server that has been down for 40 days, yet do not post about it here? Where are you reporting it?

Most of your other posts are on a positive note, but this one stands out. (@Palm522, most of his comments are directed at me, not you)

I still maintain my position and you have every right to maintain yours, Maedhros.

I sincerely hope your server gets fixed.



Yeah he did complain for some time but for some reason no one even answered to his post…