Official Server 0wned?

Something is happening on the official server my buddies and I play since a few months. A new clan arrived, 6 to 8 ppl. They are very hostile and kill on sight and destroy everything. Which is part of the game, sure, but they all levelled up from 1 to 60 in a day?!?

When they are on the server, the server crashes often, and weird things pop up in the logs, see the screenshot. It never crashes usually. Never seen such entris in the log, too.

I have the impression that the server is being hacked/abused. Have you seen similar behaviour? Any idea how to contact an admin to check?

This is official 1112.

For server issues please use this form. (Source) If you found an exploit please use this form. form. (Source) If you have problems with griefing and harassment, you will find here the latest information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the e-mail ticket system or write a DM to one of the Community team.