Official Server #1111 playin games with us

i’m not sure if the server is being worked on or not if it is then we should’ve got a warning at least but nothing the server is going offline then comes back for a few minutes then goes back to being offline, it has been like this since yesterday, i’m not sure what is it, we get warning everytime the server is being worked on but this time we did not, we had a few DDoS attack last month so i do hope that’s not the case this time, i do hope it is been worked on because there are many many cheater and glitchers on this server they duplicating items and gods it is insane, the game is unplayable at this point.

Platform: PC.

It’s getting crashed by a clan that has duped a lot of resources. They crash it so nobody can loot their base.


now that we have youtube guides how to do it, it is a valid pvp tactic :slight_smile: /s

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