Someone is crashing server on playstation

So I have been in this server leveling… and everytime at raid time the server crashes and me and my clanmates lose everything cause we usually end up dead from rubberbanding and finally a disconnect which lasts about an hour… then when it seems like its working again it disconnects again…

People have been saying that a certain clan on the server is doing it… I wont obviously mention who because he said she said doesnt matter… what I want to know is… can this be fixed… if someone is actually crashing the server can funcom stop this from happening…

The server is 8070 on playstation… anyone else have issues with a similar issue?

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Make sure you fill in a report that does share the clan name (with the company, not publicly)

I know sometimes those things do get taken care of and people get banned, but from what I understand it takes some pretty solid evidence, although I’m not sure how you could provide evidence of stuff that happens when you get booted off the server.

Definitely also report them to PlayStation support, as they are much more likely to have the tools to detect cheaters and ban them. I don’t have a huge amount of experience with PSN so I’m not sure how good their support is. If they do take action and ban players they most likely will not let you know though, so you’d just have to wait and see if they aren’t around awhile after the report

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I too am on that server.
There are a few Clans that could be causing issues.
I reported it months ago. Hasn’t changed any.

I am also having the same issues. From the evidence I have gathered and people I have spoken with we believe the clan ddossing is catch these hands. There are screenshots of their players admitting to dossing in the clan chat and they have a player named Killforfoodstampz who has admitted to it many times. He has also had multiple bans from Funcom but he just makes a new account every time he is banned.

Honestly thats where the problem comes into play with the he said she said… I have heard it was a different clan… so with that said I come to the conclusion that something needs to be done to investigate the whole server… cause it could be a simple solo player doing it as well…

I just know I had already left server and started over on another… the game was unplayable on that server… which was dissappointing cause we were actually doing good… but had lost so much of our gathering while running from one base to the other lol just lagged off edges… into monsters… it was crazy… but hopefully funcom can resolve that servers issues

We have tons of evidence to support our claim. We are getting personal messages from their clan mate with the city we live in before the ddoss attacks are happening.


Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

If your ticket hasn’t been addressed yet, feel free to send an e-mail requesting an update on the investigation. Also, remember to send all the evidence along with your tickets.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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