Clan got DDOS raided

As i type this we are being ddos raided by another clan. How do i know this? Everyone one in my clan was only able to log in for about two minutes before our internet was down. Not just our comnections to the server, OUR INTERNET. This is especially troubling. I urge Funcom to look into the unusual activity that occurred tonight on ps4 pvp server 3584. Barring any significant response from Funcom, i am done with Conan and I will urge others to avoid this game as it is entirely unsafe. I hope Tencent reads this post as well.


I’m not from funcom.

But this is hard to understand.
a DDOS (dedicated denial of service) attack is just rapid connect to server attempts, so as to block anyone from the server.

Think a crowd all trying to go through a door at the same time. One server, easy peasy

A whole clans entire internet? a whole bunch of doors, did you tick off anonymous?
because that would be a major undertaking.

Are you sure it wasn’t just coincidental ps4 outages?

please don’t lash out at me, I’m only trying to understand what you are saying.

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Same on offi pvp Server #3164

Our internet Connection was down and they started raiding think they use Report Server to provoke Server restart and they dupe a whole Stuff in 1 day they got 10 swords of chrom, Many thralls at Max Levels and enough bombs to destroy h5 pilar in 1 day really ? (Without catapult and god buuble was on)And we are almost 1 year in this Game for fight against glitchers?

Yet another victim of Funcoms lack of official server moderation, They are just a breeding ground for undesirable individuals these days. Private servers are where the real Conan exiles is at these days :wink:

They were the only clan on the server. Our server has an active group chat with 4 other clans, no one could get in, yet the server showed with 9999 ping. When anyone could get in they were already on the server and in our base. Once we counter-raided, we individually had our internet connections disrupted. Two of our guys used hot spots and three used standard ISPs. PSN was not down and our ISPs reported no outages in our area (we called to check). Furthermore, my ethernet cable during the this time was no longer blinking, but lit solid green. During my discussion with my ISP the support tech said it was very likely DDOS attack, considering i came back online after a new IP was issued. From what i have read, this is fairly simple to do these days, but difficult to defend against.

It’s “distributed” denial of service. :wink:

Just to let you all know, whenever the service provider “touch” or “enter” the server management interface or vps the server will start to lag like crazy.

It happened on our private server, we couldn’t set the english language, it kept being german, after inquiring g-portal one of their operator looked over the files to fix the language issue, while he was “poking” at files the server was at 9999 ping and completely unplayable.

I’m not saying there is no ddos going around, I’m just saying there’s another option to look for.

Possibly, but this doesn’t explain how or why our individual connections were disrupted across different states and countries.


Also, there’s a video on a different forum posted by a user over a year ago that calls out the same player for doing the same thing on their server…


I’m old and forgetful :slight_smile:

this might be what @barnes called a “slipstream” attack

The part that confused me was shutting down “our internet” access for a “whole clan”
That would be quite a feat unless they all had the same ISP

But I admittedly know nothing about how consoles work. :wink:

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Well if that is the case he is going to extreme lengths over a game, he doesnt sound like a very happy individual.

Hopefully with enough evidence you can get him banned and possibly even pursue it through steam seeing as you can get his steam ID through Conan.

Likely futile, but still (IMO) relevant addition: If someone is messing with your internet connection (let alone that of several people or an entire ISP) it’s WAY beyond in-game issues, and into criminal territory.

While law enforcement is still miles away from taking this seriously, let alone investigating it, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s criminal behavior and could, depending on jurisdiction, land the perpetrator in jail if they’re found out.


Yes agreed, unfortunately because it is likely not to get taken as seriously by law enforcement that is why I suggested he take it up with steam as they do take this seriously and like you said it is beyond the scope of being an In-game issue. Steam could potentially ban his account which for someone who takes games seriously enough to actually DDOS multiple people, well losing his steam account would likely be a heft punishment.

Its weird, this plp give u super super lag till kick u out when u are close of them. My guy from Colombia have no problem, they canT do ddos to him. It can be just in usa ip connections? I hace enough proof im waiting for admin to talk about it

The OP is on PS4, but good advice none the less. Contact Sony. They take it seriously as well.

Hey now, you’re one of those who thinks there’s an enemy inside GP? I think this is a subject worth airing/discussing openly, but not here and not now. :slight_smile:

In a multi-server environment there are going to be problems in certain circumstances. Consider a 16GB 4-core server. Speed is irrelevant. SSD-based. When you run your first server instance, the machine will run it happily, all day long. When you run the second instance at the same time, the machine will begin to show slowdowns when shifting focus between the two server instances. Add a third server, and even the act of receiving an SNMP message via the network will remove enough focus from that particular server that it will cause end-user lag.

The game runs very well in an optimized server space, but if the machine is say, a reclaimed desktop running Windows 10, and it’s not set up for multitasking, you’re in a ditch already. Because the Windows machine will inherently place more focus on whichever app is in the foreground.

So pretend you’re on the other side of the server, playing. I have foolishly run 4 CE servers on my server. You request a change, and I make it on the other side. While doing so, I have overlapped the “Server Console” window (the instance) in order to make changes to the UI. This temporary loss of focus will drive the server to about 15FPS and create stretchy, timed-out ping requests.

There is a lot to talk about here, with regard to optimization and server setup. But let’s just say right now, it’s one ripe for exploitative behavior.

Absolutely not, I just stated an experience, and with tecnology it can happen, i was just stating facts, i have yet to have a bad experience with gportal. You misunderstood.

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The slipstreaming is my codeword for what the bad guys are doing to clone themselves into a clan. If I used its real name, people would figure out how to do it. Some people would.

On the PS4, if you start asking too much of a server, there are repercussions. Example: if I am playing GTA and all of a sudden get kicked by my potato internet, I have an option. I can either wait a little and rejoin, or I can furiously try to rejoin at every available opportunity. If I do that waaay too much, the server will stop accepting requests. In particular scenarios, it will send a NACK to my IP address on the other side of my router. This is a non acknowledge, that in some cases, will reset a router. In the case of TP-Link modems with routers, it will cause them to suspend and require a restart.

CE Scenario, PS4 Server
Bad guys do some bad stuff. Server starts sending long, timeless requests to the clients. Innocent players on the server are one by one kicked, or lagged literally to death. When they try to reconnect, especially via Party reconnect, it overloads the server’s in/out ratio and unfortunately, it can cause some clients to be denied.

If you feel that other players have caused a disconnect on the PS4, please do not try to get on the server too rapidly. Wait until the ping is normalized. Pause between attempts. And above all, document what you can with videos and screengrabs. Thanks for your patience to those affected, as a player, I feel like we’re working this out. :slight_smile:

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How old are you and your clanmates?

Because seriously, HOW should “hackers” being able to get ALL your IPs and then “block your internet”??

And did your internet NOT work at all or only Conan not? Because then its not an internet problem, but it looks more like the problem me and some others had.
You cannot join the server anymore. The loading bar stays at 100% and thats it.

That says more about your complain, then the other way round.

You cannot dupe max lvld thralls at official servers. Maybe the played the whole flipin day?

Edit: The non-joining issue thread I was talking about: Still unable to login to official server 3515

And as it happened for PvE, it has nothing todo with any other clan. But the problems look the same:
A whole bunch of people are unable to login anymore.

I’m glad! Apologies if my tone was accusatory, I was using the familiar, and again, urgency. :smiley: