Ddos conan exiles

How am I supposed to deal with a player ddosing the server? Apparently I can’t report them on PSN or in game on through Funcom directly.

Help. Literally during raid hours there’s no point in playing. We just constantly die in water, our stuff despawns, and have lag for like 20 min around the time they’re booting people.

Or use the link on the bottom left of the server screen. If it persists direct message a community support here in the forums or contact the server admin on a private server.

its not just psn, its the whole host having issues.
most of the weeks the servers i play on have been plagues by 1020 ping so your guess shoudl be about gportal taking the hits. funcom is too poor to afford qualified employees. imagine them trying to afford a dedicated server to host their games.

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