Player being DDOS'd by toxic clan: It's just them and me on server 3835


I’ve tried zendesk. It’s easy to point fingers, but I just want to play the game. It’s become unplayable when they DDOS other players (not the server). I’m the only other one playing on that server.

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So they literally kick you off the server? Like the whole map is not big enough to share .

That’s what it feels like.

update your router
if you use fixed IP forget it!
don’t join ps4/5 party with your enemies

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Hi @Dzonatas

We’re sorry to hear you are experiencing this in game. Can you please make sure you provide as many details as possible in your Zendesk report?
This will help the team investigate and hopefully address the issue a bit faster.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.


Indeed. Now they set their clan name to indicate money, like ransom over the hardware. Hmm?

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You can use a program such as Wireshark to perform an analysis on your network.
There are plenty of good tutorials available online that describe how to identify an attack.
If you discover anything suspicious, you can block those IPs.
Good luck!


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Thanks! @sestus2009 :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried playing on a different server to see if you can stay in the game are you sure its a ddos I’m not saying your stupid or anything but some people get confused with what a ddos actually does sometimes you can’t do anything with your internet for hours if it’s a ddos

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This type of attack needs the victim’s IP number. I don’t understand how the attacker got the friend’s IP. As far as I know only the server knows the IP of the clients.

It would be good for a funcom developer to explain how conan’s server client actually works.


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