3100 ddos attack every night!

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  1. Every night suddenly kicks players. I doubt some one else doing this. Because of server always full
  2. (etc)

How do you know that is ddos? My server is down too on some days but why it should be ddos? I don’t think that a restart will help if someone does ddos?

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Server and player issues are reported via

Game issues and mechanics therein is in bug reports.

Please note that you need evidence of specific players for ddos claims else it could just be server issues.

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I’m a regular player. Server always full. How can I find to attacker player? Always suddenly kick our whole clan. So I doubted ddos

Wouldn’t they need to know you ip as well as your clan mates ip to ddos your clan specifically? However it’s improbable that random server bumps would take out just one clan. Sounds sus. I would just report it using vagueness and hopefully the sever folks can drill into it.

Maybe there is a way to traceback to a client but if they ddos you and your clan mates then they don’t ddos only Conan for you. This will affect your Internetconnection. Don’t know what kind of connection you have but maybe you could change your IP if you think someone ddos you.

But anyway I don’t think that someone do ddos your server or only you and your friends. Its just the server and the game that have sometimes problems and no third party is involved.

Btw how do you know that only you and your mates can not connect? Don’t trust the value in the server list :wink:

Yes they would, but it is possible to pull somebody’s ip through playerlist. Happened to me before. But 3100 wasn’t somebody being ddossed specifically, it was the server crashing at the start of raid time and a few more times during raid time every day until a certain clan got wiped. Now the server is totally fine.

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