8103 server keeps going down while redlightdistrict and grnlightdistict are running surges

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  1. Online official
    4.west coast
  2. (etc)

Please be more specific if you may. Tbh yesterday I decided to make a surge on 8006 and it was very “funny”!!!
So please inform the forum what is your console, it’s very important!
My console is ps4 for example, the starting model!
When I say “funny” I mean that it was performing horribly yet I have some issues lately with the performance of my internet company too. So I cannot say that is 100% a server issue.
Another thing that it would be very useful is to inform the forum if your connection is wired of wireless!
Last but not least, what is the names thar you mention on your title? Other clans? You must know that it is forbidden to provide names of enemy clans in this forum! If you have issues with other clans the only way to address these issues is by Zendesk, here’s the link.
Welcome to the forum m8 :+1:t6:

Welcome to the forums @Riheam256. If you’re reporting server problems, you should probably open a Zendesk ticket with request type set to “Official Server Performance”.

If you’re actually reporting a bug, then it would be better to fill out all of those fields you skipped. The reason the form is there is so you can provide information without which Funcom won’t be able to even try to reproduce the bug.