Are servers crashing?

Hey all, just wondering if anyone else’s official servers are lagging out then crashing. And I am not talking about freezing or blue screened. Just down right crashing and then when I log out the server I was on or servers I have in my favourites are missing for about 5 - 10 mins.

It’s done this about 4 or 5 times today.


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Yeah, it’s been happening on 3584 a ton. It’s why I just came into forums for the first time in a while.

Its probably someone on your server and i think it also happens by accident.

I did raid the alpha on my server last week and the server crashed 5-6 times.

Last night, the server crashed again.
1 time alot of people did be online, but the 2nd time it was only my clan and 1 solo.
We messaged the solo and he said he thought it was us crashing the server.

Alot of people in discord groups complaining about server crashes atm.

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Hey @Jelostas

If you experience server stability issues in an official server, please let us know via our tool Zendesk at
Thanks in advance.


Heyo ignasis, thanks for the tip. You should tell gportal to get rid of the report official server Google forms link. It throws off a lot of people.


The last 2 days I play in a private server that’s constantly crushing and the admins cannot do anything about it . The server is French PvP private . It has to be a G portal issue .

Thanks I was not aware of. Is that good for Ps4 private server’s also? @Ignasi

Hey you changed up your avatar. Cool.

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