Server Crashes. What's going on?

Server 1516 PVE-C American East coast server
Server constantly crashing mostly during PVP hours.

Ignasis informed me that:

  1. Server maintenance and reports are usually handled by our hosting partner, GPortal. You can notify server failures and outages using this form, which is also available in-game:

But it seems either it isn’t a Gportal problem or they aren’t doing their jobs. These crashes have been occuring way too long now. Has anyone else had issues on their servers?

We’re currently looking into this issue to see if there is something in particular that is causing these crashes lately.
Beyond that, any requests for restarting a server that is not working properly should be addressed following the servers report form.

We’re collecting information in this post:

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logging out while standing on top of a note crashes the server …people are abusing it to prevent raids and should be banned