Us Official 1800 - Need Funcom Devs

So the last week or so this server has been plagued by in influx of meshers, glitchers, exploiters and cheaters - many of which have openly admitted to what they’re doing and stated that they didn’t care because Funcom and Steam wouldn’t do anything to punish them.

The last few days, tonight especially, has been Catastrophically worse. The server has been down For the last hour, and every time I comes back up, after waiting what seems like forever and logging in, server crashes almost immediately after loading in again.

After talking with many of the regulars on this server AND the alpha clan - the assumed culprit is a clan with a name that is the sound a gun makes when it’s fired ( not sure if naming people or clans is against rules or not)

I also was told that the clan and people responsible we’re claiming to be affiliated with a popular Conan YouTuber that rhymes with Cry Snacks - and supposedly the way this is being done is as follows ;

Somehow a glitch was found and performed where anytime this clan’s buildings take damage it dupes certain textures or items very quickly which then crashes the server.

Hoping to get some Dev attention to this issue so that ultimately the constant crashing can be addressed AND fixed - and if what I was told turns out to be TRUE the a**holes responsible will hopefully be BANNED.

Happening on many servers. Reported endlessly. Funcom dont care.

Remember this next time u will think buying another dlc

Come on m8s, I don’t have time to re-check the server ever two minutes. I was getting raided and the purge happened at the same time. Now the server is on and off for the past two hours. FFS boys.

is this the server with Ditto and and Coconut? i joined either 1808 or 1800 recently since it seemed to be the only active servers in NA

I know for a fact Coconut it on it.

Ditto, Coconut, Bang, Fallen Legion, ect.

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so the only 2 not dead servers has this many problems -_- I just left a dead server as a 60 cuz only like 5 ppl on it now and they all playing PVE basically now cuz no one to PVP, guess il try 1808 :confused: oh yea and forum censor can go screw itself.

Yeah, unfortunately Conan will be a dead game sooner rather than later because of exploits and the people who use them - it’s literally an extre.y SMALL Percentage of Conan players that are responsible to the Majority of server populations dying off - they join an active server, wipe and harass everyone until the server dies, and then move on to the next active server they find.

It’s utter Bullsh*r.


Yep. This exactly.

You join a dead server and pve with st best a handful of people.


Join an active server which will have blatant cheats attracted to it because who wants to cheat on an empty server?

These facts allude those who defend funcom saying they cant possibly admin the 1000s of servers. Funcom only need to have admins available ti jump on to the busy servers. They dont need to live on a specific server, they just hop around to investigate cheats and ban them.

How difficult is this? Empower community members if need be but do something.


Well I have 2 streamers now on my server, both are living in different meshes. They openly show that, and with gods bubble not working this is safest option right now.

What is especially funny is that when they are playing on community servers, they don’t use exploits at all. Second guy even have his own server, and this is the most popular Russian server. He bans exploit users on his own server, but while he is playing on official he openly uses them.

Lack of red line is really hurts, there needs to be precedent when players are punished. The servers don’t need 100% admin cover. Not even every exploit abuser needs to be banned. What we really need is actions in especially severe cases. At least that.


The same guy who had been crashing 1653 moved there. Him and his cheating crew. I’m sorry you’re dealing with it. He crashed our server the entire weekend non stop. Their home server is 1600.

Dude just don’t dwell on it. I am server with (Troll/Cheater) when that person not playing everything goes well no dc, no lagging from hell. No arguments no trolling, everyone gets along fine. He/she left for 7 months Man it was heaven we all got along, Than he finally shows up it starts over again. I never report him cause what for Not going change anything at all. One leaves another takes his place. Keep the idiot at least you know who they are & ignore them. ohh btw he even constantly call everyone gay. His the only one bring that up. We had 7 months of greatness now back to redundancy with the dumearse.

who is the “alpha” on this server? Sounds like you are just a sycophant rat, looking to engrandize them.

The game needs a report tool inside the game, where you click on the player and opens a dialog box to describe the reason of the report, using as key the account ID in steam so Funcom could gather the reports of several servers if necessary to take action against the players. It would be easy to filter those who are really trollando as these would have several reports, and to help in the diagnosis each report could follow the messages sent during the last hours of that player in question.
Many other online games have this tool, otherwise the toxic players spoil the fun of others, I play on the server 1978 we had a good life until 10 days ago when a clan decided to put foundations on the entire server because they were raid, now they enter the server just to keep the foundations and curse all the players … We made several complaints to Funcom and to Steam and we are waiting for a response and an attitude.
The lack of an attitude by Funcom can result in a decrease of the players online, as well as a decrease in sales.

Dont dwell on it? Ignore them?

Oh look I’ve logged on and discovered a hole in the centre of my base foundations but the outside is intact.

Oh look, the stuff I’ve farmed, thralls I’ve broken and loot I’ve gained over the last few weeks has all been nicked.

Oh well, I’ll rise above it. No rest for the wicked. I’ll just have to start over and hope it doesnt happen again. It’s not like I can raid the raider and retrieve my stuff from their undermesh base.

Oh no, it did happen again.

Surely it wont happen three ti…

I quit

4 times? Really

1590 enjoying the same issues…

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