Why has Land locking on servers not been addressed after so long of issues?

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Explain to me why It is STILL allowed after all this time the games been out for player clans to block off ENTIRE sections of the world so nobody can do anything, I’m tired of searching server after server, grinding up to level 30 just to be able to look deeper in the map to find that EVERY SINGLE PVP SERVER has literally ALL the high end resource and Thrall areas completley walled off!!! Wtf is the point of the game but to allow a few toxic players in a group of A holes that land lock everything? THIS is why this game has been on its death knell for some time and no matter the amount of content you add nobody that hasn’t land locked an entire server is going to be around to see what next is added in content, why? Cause nobody can leave the noob river on any server now and get to needed areas to make yourself viable on pvp servers! Why has this crap been allowed for so long? Why don’t Devs log into Official Servers and just take 30 minutes to look at how out of hand it has gotten?

This really doesn’t fit the category it’s in. It’s not a bug or an update. This should be moved to general discussion.

To your point not all servers are that way. I have played on PVP servers that are not blocked off.

Also Funcom has been very clear that there is no monitoring of official servers. There is a proper way to report players and clans of blocking the game. I haven’t needed to do it so I don’t know how. But a quick search on the forums should get you pointed in the right direction.


Please read what the specific forum is for then adjust your post and its location to meet the criteria, I am flagging this as off-topic and this takes away from actually dealing with bugs and glitches and problems that need to be solved however, you can make a suggestion, or a discussion on it and maybe funcom will do something but you are simply wasting time ranting in a dedicated topic section that is solely for reporting bugs and issues.

Sorry not sorry but everyone has to deal with it. Funcom has been very kind in hearing all my suggestions and posts of bugs and I have been told they have been submitted. What you are doing is ranting like a child. Yes you paid for the game or got it free on PS but you can’t get blood from a stone that is already doing its best. Don’t be rude don’t improperly post in a forum so you can get your rant seen, you waste their time trying to fix stuff like this.

If you want a semi-unclogged server I can tell you the one I am at only really 3 people in the jungle were I am at. However this doesn’t excuse this behavior.

PM me if you actually want to join I’ll even free off the spots I walled off to keep people from massive land grabs.

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