Official server #3525 pvp - revision (#196231/23625)

There is a clan, not to be named due to forum bylaws, who have landclaimed around obs, and the shattered bridge and perhaps many more (ive only been to the springs). They leave 1 way in and out. However this still goes against the way the game was meant to be. I ask our support group from funcom to visit this server and take care of this issue. It makes using teleports and resource rich areas a hazard to any player who is not a membee of the suspect clan.

Thank you kindly,
A constant player

So they just landclaim around the obs or they completely wall them in?

Landclaiming is… well how the game just works so there isn’t much to do about that. Since you’re on PVP, if they are walling in the obs I would say your only recourse is to go raid the base to destroy it during raid hours. PVP is survival of the fittest (minus exploits of course). I mean, making an area a “hazard” is kind of the point to PVP.

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Its walled up with anti climb so all they gotta do when you teleprort is close doors

Your only option then is to bomb and treb the crap out of it.

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Funcom, this server has been reported and you guys still haven’t taken care of the fact a server you guys spend money on upkeep for is dead due to people landclaiming whole sections off. Obs are blocked. Shattered springs all the way to the oasis is landclaimed and practically blocked off. Get a funcom admin in and look at the server for yourself.

From what I’ve seen( I may be mid informed) funcom doesn’t police any of their servers unless (which even this I’m not sure about) it is absolutely game breaking which this one technically isn’t as you don’t have to use obs or get certain resources to play the game.

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