1 year off, tryng to get back to the game.. but this happens

iv stoped playng conan about 1 year ago because of people blocking stuff and funcom doing nothing with them… i lost a huge base, i was coming back to the server again and today iv tryed to farm some brimstone on the lake … just take a look at this… " imgbbb . com / mage / LSZote " all the lake 100% blocked with foundations and the savana is also 100% locked by the same guy, i asked people in the server why the guy did it… and they respond to me " Hes blocking all the server, caves and all resource spots " seems that things never change… and my negative vote on steam will never go out for this incridible game with zero administration…

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and btw… server is PVE-C we cant do nothing about it… GG Funcom

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Unfortunately you have to scout the servers before hand when your trying to find the right one as there are unfortunately people like that out there

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PVE and PVE-C are filled with wanna be PVPers who are too terrible at actual PVP to compete but can’t let go of the need to PvP, usually 12 yr olds and under from my experience. I feel for you man that is a really lame experience :/. It may still be worht trying to get in touch with funcom and send them screenshots and such as they will sometimes take action against scummy players like this who do this stuff of PVE servers.

This is why I highly recommend and promote Private servers over officials as they usually have active admins who will take action in situations like this, Hence why all the kiddies do this on official as they can’t get away with it on unofficial servers.


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