Hackers on official server 1100

Greetings, travelers.
This has happened many times since I have been playing on official server 1100. We got 2 individuals with speedhacks. Glitching their characters so that you cant see their animations, going around, bullying and robbing people. Also, they are probably responsible for constant server crashes. Server crashes every time when they start bickering and fighting with someone which happens often because those 2 kids are trash talking everyone with their foul mouth.

This is steam ID of 1 of those individuals:
I would like to provide the other one when I can.

Is there a way to ban those people so we can prevent literally every day server crashing and ruining of the game?

this guy doing that https://www.twitch.tv/muczaczoslive
He doing all this crazy sh%t on stream without shame like animation glitching, undermeshing and CRASHING SERVER !! FUNCOM DO SOMETHING

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player 1100 glitching stamina and 4th atack show on stream twitch:)

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