Official Server 1111 PvP, Now 6 Days Server not work

Server 1111 PvP looks online but no one can join. You see all time Loading Screen…and then come message ( Hard Problems have Server, you need to report? )

I Report all days but no reakion, nothing goes on.

PLZ…Funcome repaire the Server. So many People play there.

Server is being crashed by a player over and over

Welcome to the issue that will destroy this game and community. I imagine Funcom
Is working on this, because if they don’t fix it they will loose money when there is no one around to buy their DLCs

Dont play on Official,they duping Items,crashing Server RIP conan exiles

Thank you very much for the video, that is crazy…

Funcome need Block IP. That he have no way.

WTF goes up in his Brain !!! F…

Same happening to me. Cant log in or do anything.

So while this is ny favourite game. I sadly might have to get my gaming fix somewhere. Or wait until they patch it?

For server issues please use this form. (Source) If you found an exploit please use this form. form. (Source) If you have problems with griefing and harassment, you will find here the latest information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the e-mail ticket system or write a DM to one of the Community team.

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