DDos, undermap, cheats and exploiter attributes on the server 3555 - PS4 -Conan Exiles

I am an active player on server 3555 and I come to report the uses of traps and hacks by several clans and users who recently entered the server, are returning from the Pvp a complete chaos, laging the server, getting into the soil bases by using the Undermap, exploiting attribute abilities and lastly performing attacks DDos to the server during the raid hour, we need the intervention of a moderator since otherwise many honest players will be forced to stop serving because of cheaters, we expect your quick reply.

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"we need the intervention of a moderator " goodluck with that. You’ll be lucky if your post isn’t de-listed, let alone getting any actual help…


For Server Issues please use this Form. (Source) If you found an Exploit please use this Form. (Source) If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the E-mail Ticket System