PVP 3555 Irregularidades con jugadores

Buenos días, mi nombre es Mario Bojobaja y mi ID es Bojo_baja en ps4 juego conan exile prácticamente desde que salio para ps4 y llevo registro de numerosos bugs, exploids, y hacks(se podrá decir) por lo cual tengo mucha experiencia en el juego y al ser un juego tan grande es normal que todo esto suceda, siempre habrá quien saque beneficio de los errores y destruya la jugabilidad del juego. Estuvo en alrededor de 15 servidores solo dos PVE y los demás PVP y la verdad que uno rápido se da cuenta de quienes usan estas trampas a su favor. A todo esto en el server 3555 se a visto este tipo de trampas pero hace ya un día que una persona en particular hace un sin fin de trampas como si el fuera el administrador, aprovechándose de esto y atacando nos desde entonces. Les pido por favor revisar el server. Un saludo y que pasen buen día.

I am a player on the same server, the specific problems on the part of other players are Undermap, exploit of Attributes, and lately a particular player has the ability to enter the bases and take resources and thralls to duplicate them, since we have the registration of events with the stolen, however when reviewing the work tables everything is still in place, we would appreciate the presence of a moderator to investigate what happened, since playing at 3555 is turning into a chaos.
We appreciate your prompt response

Continúa estas personas con las trampas y comienzan a molestar a otros miembros del server. Un saludo. Espero su respuesta.

Sounds to me like you are getting your ■■■ whooped and can’t accept it. If you have this experience you speak of, then you would know how to beat your enemy, but instead you come these to forums which no one reads to cry about it.

Yo creo que juegas igual que ellos y no tiene sentido quejarme de algo si yo mismo puedo irme a cualquier otro servidor, tu comentario no tiene lugar y es un pésimo argumento, pero sigue apoyando el uso de trampas es por eso que la comunidad de conan se hace más chica por personas con el coeficiente intelectual similar al tuyo un saludo.

I use to play on server 3555 back in the day and I remember you guys Bojo and Alex. Your clan use to raid lowbies and all just to take their stuff. You made it a very unfun server due to the fact that you guys were ■■■■■■. It sounds to me like you tried to raid the wrong clan and now they are putting a beatdown on you. Just remember for all the griefing you did to everyone else. You guys DESERVE this. Go cry elsewhere. And accept the fact that maybe you have finally met players who are ALOT better than you.


Also aren’t traps a part of the game? I think they are just outsmarting you. Which from reading your posts, Doesnt seem hard to do

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They are complaining because these guys have trap elevators I played on that server a week ago and saw who they are speaking of. They seem liked seasoned players who know what they are doing. One week after the game came out my clan figured out how to make elevators a one way trip for the enemy it isn’t that hard.

Are you talking about trap elevators? Because those are not cheating they are outsmarting.

I like building one and when enemies come up the elevator I just blow it up by dismatling it.

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Yo creo que la mayoría del post no entiende, si me an de sacar del server que sea legal no tengo ningún problema, además no seria del primero y no será el último, las personas que lo entienden son pocas. De que me sirve un servidor sin gente, el PVP es básicamente eso raidear y buscar el dominio total. Pero le quitan la gracias al juego los tramposos. No tengo más que decir sus comentarios de nuevo no tienen un argumento, Yo creo que las personas que están haciendo trampa deberían demostrar lo contrario, con pruebas que los respaldará. Y no mandando personas sin escrúpulos a defenderlos. Un saludo a todos.

I just joined the server a few days ago and I saw you guys and the people you were fighting. Just because you can’t dominate these people doesn’t mean they are cheating. Maybe they are just better than you and you can’t accept that. So now you have to find something to explain it and the first thing that came to your intelligent mind was they must be cheating. I battled these people you speak of on another server and they are just very good. They have been on many servers before this one. They know how to play the game and not just well but smart. You might have thought you were good because no one good enough came to challenge you guys or you made them quit cuz apparently you guys were bombing everyone. But these guys have a ton of experience they have been on many servers. They love to PvP and are good at it. The server I saw them on they faced this alpha clan who had many allies and they would fight them 5v1 even 10v1 sometimes and from that experience they became better. You learn from your experiences. If you run around bombing people while they are offline and not fighting anyone then no wonder they are putting a lick on ya. You only have experience in being a lil hoe cake.

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How funny that they remind us, that means we were doing a good job, in a PvP server battling in a fair, experienced way the cheaters we are facing?
I easily could with several of them before they began to use the exploit of attributes, taking refuge in their traps believing that they will last forever, it is for people like you who justify the trap for a reason as foolish as inexperience, that Conan has so many problems in the servers, not only cheating but also those who are silent, apparently it should not delay the exit of the patch to solve this, and then the true experience will triumph.

No one is using the attribute glitch on that server except for this other clan I ran into called the fruit cakes. Maybe you just don’t know how to build to fight using buffs and other things that are of use in the game. There are specs to fight and farm and it All depends on people’s play styles maybe you haven’t tapped into the right one for yourself. Sometimes copying others isn’t what is best for your true potential. If you are mad about trap elevators it is part of the game it isn’t cheating it isn’t exploiting it is just part of the game. Maybe you should do some research so you can be better at the game so you don’t have to come to forums to try and get people banned that aren’t doing anything wrong in the first place. Just cuz you guys used to be the server bully and now you feel trapped and cornered doesn’t mean you have cheaters in your server it’s just called going against better players.

trap in the elevators?
Do you think you are talking to a child who has been playing Conan for 2 weeks?
I do not know if you have any problems with your reading comprehension, we have strong proofs in photo and videos of those guys using trampos which are being reviewed in the corresponding thread, we are not interested in eliminating those players, we are interested to release the patch at once to fix the abuse of attributes, Conan policies do not do much against cheaters but rather to the trap itself.
So you have the favor and understand that cheating or not reporting is the reason that these games continue to lose their consumers if they play fairly.
If another clan uses traps and is of your knowledge, then denounce and continue to excuse yourself in making them justified just because they will not do them to you.

Ohh this is hilarious . Magical traps and such lol. These guys just suck at fighting and have no clue how to set up a PVP spec . These guys crying about lag while fighting around there base and there is it was bad . But there blaming us . Guess what we did not build your 2 huge bases next to each other with when we started hitting them had over 100 thralls and pets place around each that’s is why theres all the lag there you dummies . I’m on a PS4 pro takes about 5 min for base to load in another 5 min for people to load I’m fighting floating Spears until then . You just are not good at pvp plain and simple . You have never been able to easily kill any of us . None of us has ever used any glitches . We will all come to you base and use reset potion in front of you any time you want and we will still kill you repeatedly . Report us all you want I welcome it lol … bottom line is get good

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Of course, if you won, now go to your room and read what you wrote aloud for you to believe it, or in any case remember when they were in the snow cave and how they died again and again before us.
before they went to take refuge in their traps.

Ohh you mean before we made gear .lol gotcha you mean when you came with more numbers and thralls that killed a few of us not you . Your talking to players that are older and have been playing game since release . Again bud drop a respec pot anytime . Outcome will be same . Only one kid in clan by the way how does it feel to get kill by a 12 years old repeatedly .

I do not know, does cheating make you feel proud?
so much pride that it starts to cause you amnesia apparently, I want to see you once they release the patch

There’s no cheating at all . That’s in your head man …