Topic duplicate. Players use all possible glitchs/bugs

, hola, recientemente informé sobre una vulnerabilidad de un jugador que vi haciendo un salto súper. Hoy decidí ir a por su clan y descubrí que su base es undermap, me gustaría que estos jugadores fueran eliminados del servidor por tramposos, tengo más de 20 personas del servidor dispuestas a ayudarme para erradicar a esos jugadores. ¿Tengo que hacer algo? Tengo pruebas, fotos y videos.

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You want to report something like that to:

Make sure to include all available information and proof. This service is to report the exploit not the exploiters but in extreme cases exploiters can be reported and dealt with. I wouldnt hold your breath on the players getting dealt with but its a possibility.

Glad to see people finally coming forward with under-meshing; with people like Jade PG on Youtube promoting this game as if under-meshing never existed its just a lie and sickening.

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