Two players build under textures and are racicts/toxic (REOPENED)

I am dublicating topic due to it was closed without proper answer ( I DON"T KNOW WHY/ Funcom?? HEllo??)

So Funcom administration? may i have yoyr attention?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region:PvP 1130

“smth in arabic"Masha"smth in arabic” and “smth in arabic"Matwoj"smth in arabic” are building under textures and are insulting our russian pride by telling bad things about Putin wish that we had cancer and e.t.c. toxic behavior … Well we hate Putin ourselves but we can call him bad, and they are Poles…
Anyway they are building under textures and are proud to do that and they raid other players using texture glitches by getting on their roof(When building is built on top of the mountain) and exploding it.

I can give you screens, but your politics doesn’t allow me to upload them. How can i show you their location?

It would have been closed and unlisted as it’s against Funcom’s community guidelines to name&shame and accuse on the forums … so either send the report to the exploit hunter email or take to private message to a community manager. Ask the community manager to increase your account privledges if you can not send private messages on the forums.

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I can’t send private messages and i can’t send pictures of their locations and proofs… What should i do to solve this problem?

Выложи куданибудь скрины и дай ссылку

It’s hard to maintain calm and rspectful when, you guys instead, of doing something like banning people write me this… I can’t even PM. You are closing topics with problems without solving them and give advise litteraly impossible to follow while there are glitchers and cheaters who are ruining your game openly by dublicating items and building in textures… just fascinating… astonishing work… i am out of words, guys. GJ!

АХАХА Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.

Это все потому что ты русский… А это евро уровень… Запретим и забудим об этом

Я худею с фанкома. Я не могу ПМить, я не могу прикрепить фото и не могу дать ссыль. Мем сюда "Чё блять происходит.

скопиру хттпс://
хттпс:// скопируй

Поставь пробелы в ссылке и она перестанет быть ссылкой

я написал вместо https хттпс)

Ну да пробел лучше. Может и бурги увидят
https ://
https ://

New fora members have to wait a bit before they can post links, images, and PMs. I suggest you take some time to read other posts while you are waiting.

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