Clarification on the locations to build

I would like to understand better where to build to avoid running into penalties. Is it possible to create buildings in points of interest if there are no NPC boss spawns, ghosts, diaries or other things that give the player experience within the Lugo of interest (which has a name on the map)? for example if I build at the È “deserter gutter” who has a name but there is nothing in the game that gives experience / recipes / bosses can I risk penalties?
Another example In the left barrack of the western barracks, the one where there Is not the Imp king, nothing in Game that gives expérience , can I risk penalties ?


From what I understand, if a point of interest is blocked, your building might get removed. As long as the point of interest is accessible to others, I do not think it will be an issue.


blocked do you mean you can’t go inside? in fact, if I make the base inside it is inaccessible but visible from the outside

By blocking, I mean that others cannot get close enough to trigger the location points for finding it. This is a good discussion you can look at.


Could you give our friend @I727wrldstar1 some clarity to the question I have seen multiple builds very near points of interest that still allowed others to see the ghosts etc that caused no in game problems is that what you are talking about. @Cattibria . Thanks in advance for the help.

Oops we posted at the same time

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Yes, I posted a couple of pictures of my main base in the referenced thread. There are several points of interest, including a ghost location, and a dungeon that surrounds the base.


Nice video. Have a good day.

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I’ve seen low impacting builds with zero land claim get dev wiped in both those locations. They may have done something else wrong to get the wipe but looking at the bases there was nothing obvious so I would do it at your own risk until better clarification and feedback is given.


And Cattibrias first reply is why so many people have skepticism.

“From what I understand…”

Its their interpretation of the rules, and still not a 100% for sure answer. What happens when the next Funcom employee says “From what I understand…no”

Try to get on the same page.


@Cattibria is not a Funcom employee. They are volunteer mod:

You know how Funcom staff replies always have a blue outline? And how every topic they replied to gets a little “dev reply” icon?


It just goes to show that no matter how much you clarify certain things, you just can’t get through to some people…


Soon after the POI auto cleanup setting went active, the logic involved was auto deleting builds that intersected with POI rather than those that surrounded one.

Furthermore, for Gportal servers, setting the POI interference feature of duplicated the command and my suspicions are that two offs equaled an on and I saw builds on my server autowipe on render.

The last I checked, several months ago, the POI auto destruct setting had been removed from servers.

Even more of a reason to not listen to their opinion on the matter any more then yours or mine.

Is this an attempted answer to a question no one asked or cares about?

Juuuuuuuust like some people need to reply to everything to fulfill the daily need of perfection.

Stop pretending you didn’t say @Cattibria was a Funcom employee:

No, it’s a way to point out a mistake you made. Own it.


Ok, here you go.

My mistake thinking Cattibria was an actual Funcom employee.

Now, go ahead and pick apart the rest of my comment. You wont though, but thats ok. Why should anyone listen to someone who, as we just clarified!, has zero relation to Funcom, their stance, or their rules?

Their answer above is the same as what you or I could give, and to some people who see a fancy nametag on people might assume its a Funcom employee or Funcom answer. Maybe forum moderators could relay questions and get official answers…you know, to save confusion on people asking questions.

I’ll flip it.

What makes me want to believe the next poster shouting “I was meta report banned unfairly” is telling the truth? After all, it is only thier opinion they did nothing wrong to recieve the ban, so 2 way street with lots of traffic.

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Why should I pick apart your straw man? “Come at me, bro, I’ve misrepresented what you said yet again, are you scared to debate me?”

But sure, I needed a break from the problem I’m trying to crack at work, why not…

Where was I saying that you should listen to @Cattibria, or to me, or to anyone else? You and everyone else here is free to pay attention to whatever you want, and disregard whatever you choose.

The OP asked a question on a public forum, and people are offering their opinions. One of those people happens to be a forum moderator. Do you really need an explanation of what forums are for and how they work?

Yeah, as you kindly demonstrated, it will happen even to people who have spent a long time on the forums. But only some of those people will try to make this into an outrage and further proof of Funcom’s wrongdoings.

Did you actually have a constructive point to make here? Like, I don’t know, proposing that @AndyB amend the Introduction to Forums to explain what different borders and badges mean? Or to reconfigure the forum software so that only Funcom employees have posts with borders?

Or are you just complaining because you made an assumption and ran too far with it?

Why, are you volunteering? Because if you aren’t, then you’re just asking to pile additional work for people who already do this for free. At least, that’s what I think “volunteer moderation team” means…


Bingo, dont. While you dont have to believe everything every single person says, look instead at trends, at what the majority of posters are claiming etc.

Someone says Funcom banned them for XXX, dont necessarily agree that they were wrongly banned, but also dont fanboy for Funcom thinking they were 100% correct in every thing they do. This is the internet, believe 20% of what you see

Don’t build anywhere. We were just trying to protect our base by building since we don’t have the manpower to defend against attacks and we got suspended for land claim abuse. We are completely aware of the rules, we didn’t block any resources, game content or anything like that. We didn’t build huge rows of foundations like so many other clans. Our structures din’t reach far from our base but still, suspended. Someone probably reported us just because they wanted to build there. Funcom should get their act together with these penalties.


So someone with a …at the minimum, Funcom representation makes a claim, we agree they dont represent Funcom, and make a personal reply…with the same value as yours or mine. No comment on that? Mmkay. Kinda makes every reply of yours off topic then.

Sure, and those people with ties to Funcom, including their forum moderators should likely be on the same page as Funcom employees and their rules no? Come on.

Who literally gives a sh*t if I misrepresented someones forum tag? People who arent perfectionists or 100% regulars in the forums may miss small details, but the point stands in the forums. Associates of Funcom should likely be on the same page as employees, or representatives.

Literally no one asked for this. No one. Find a post from a Conan player that asked for forum revamps to make it clearer. Ill wait, Was it one person from the 1 million Conan accounts? Failed point for a failed argument.

F*ck yeah. Wait, let me clarify. Now? No. Two years ago, yes. Would I volunteer to be a middleman to help the communication lines between Funcom and the forums? Absolutely. Games I love to play, I would love to invest time and money into to see it do well. To simply volunteer to shut down threads that bash Funcoms horrible stance, or their terrible communication, heck anyone would do. And, their opinion’s mean as little as yours or mine.

Curious that you still avoided the point of my OP. Calling it a strawman is weak, use that perfectionism to the extreme.

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