Honest thank you to funcom

Whoever is responsible for server reports and wiping, Sandworm, Ymir, Zath, whoever, you are the TRUE MVPS today!!

It’s easy to lose hope with PVE/PVEC servers and the overbuilding. It often seems like these servers are overlooked and ignored while our unplayable lag persists because of inconsiderate players.

Today your maintenance on 2506 Xbox was WONDERFUL. So many horrifically laggy monster bases gone. So many inconsiderate, unnecessary, “decorative” senseless constructions that were nothing but problematic are gone. Including the MASSIVE PYRAMID at the sink hole, and one player who overbuilt all over the map with zero regard for others in the server.

You get a lot of hate Funcom but you did us right today. :face_holding_back_tears:


And rightfully so, they’ve been messing with core gameplay mechanics every update they push out & consistently f over official servers by not banning hackers instead choosing to go for the easier target in people that may accidentally build over a stupid lore stone

EDIT: why are people reporting this and getting it hidden?:joy::joy:


I was really hoping not to have to step in to this, but we gonna have an issue.

This sort of thing is such a rare occurrence I’m not convince it isn’t sarcasm. About as rare as someone getting banned for building over a lore stone.

I hate to explore any PC PVE server, there is inevitably some one, that has been on the server forever, bought every DLC and every thing in the bazaar, arms and armors every new player with legendary weapons and epic armor, that think the server is theirs to pave over.

And when I can find more soda caps on the ground then have reports investigated, they are not far wrong.

That’s part and parcel with these “live service” games. It’s not so much that they keep changing the gameplay, the problem is that they keep doing it in a half-assed way, without attention to detail, without finishing what they start, and with a ton of bugs.

Yeah, they seem to have dropped the ball on dealing with exploits and hacks.

Here’s an idea: don’t build over lore stones. Contrary to the way you present it, the map isn’t littered with lore stones and making a base that doesn’t build over one is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

I understand when people complain about unclear rules and lack of transparency when enforcing those rules, but this? This is just refusal to accept even a modicum of personal responsibility. Grow up. Complaining about shіt that’s easy to avoid only makes it harder for legitimate problems to be heard, and Mitra knows there’s enough of those.


No. The issues that were rectified today were not a simple covering of a lorestone.

We are talking ONE player, with a huge base in every biome. Not only the bases, but village style unused “decorative” buildings, bridges, pathways, literally several individual “decorative lighting” structures, massive constructions everywhere you turn. I won’t even start with the pyramid that was beyond anyone’s idea of an acceptable sized base (a different clan, but nonetheless…) these things were FAR AND BEYOND anything remotely okay in a public server where others are trying to play.

I play PVP as well and I completely understand the issue with cheaters and that those things need attention too. I’m not saying funcom is perfect.

I am saying when they DO do right by us, they deserve a kudos.


This thread is a great nod towards why PvE(C) need building rules and enforcement.

Welcome to the public PVE servers.

You are describing the server I’m on.

And when they let is fester for years they need to be called out as well.

Kinda makes me want to log in. Maybe admin has set foot on my server.

Absolutely agree that failing to maintain playable servers is something to call out! I have certainly made my fair share of call outs against Funcom and their issues, don’t get me wrong! I agree.

Feedback is important on both ends.

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Was it the one north of the mounds?

Not sure, one was kinda NE of the mounds. Same player had keyhole, crevice, light to guide, etc.

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Big arse Nord village with like 60 empty buildings?


Ok I won’t lie I meant to say Points of interest just couldn’t think of what they were called last night bc I was on the verge of collapsing due to tiredness, the lorestone thing I completely get but I mean the things that come up on your screen when you first visit a place.
Most notably Deserters Gutter and Watcher of the Passage.

I’ve been banned in gutter 3 times and 2 times in watcher because some clans come to raid it and get slapped so they turn to devs to ban. (There were hackers on the server at the same time going around speedhacking and hitbox pulling but it took another month to ban those guys funnily enough)

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:neutral_face: Ya, had nothing to do with building in a POI.

YOU are why we need large no build zones, because banning people does not teach them anything. It’s everyone elses’s fault you purposely built in an area that YOU know is a no build zone and got banned for it. THREE times.

THIS is why the entire system needs an over haul. YOU are an example of why the system doesn’t work.

These ARE NOT no build zones. Never have been, never will be.

They are in the same classification as the Crevice in the highlands. It has been clarified by staff that you can in fact build IN THEM. What you cannot do is BLOCK DISCOVERY or ACCESS to UNIQUE CONTENT.

For the love of Crom Deac, c’mon. You should know better than this.


So should some one that has been banned for building there twice before.

And you know I think POIs should be nobuild zones. I did explain.

Yes you did. But YOUR pet peeves shouldn’t drive your comments as if they are FACTS. Think about newer or less educated players coming on here and seeing your comments and thinking they’re truth???


Well then maybe they wont build there and catch a time out?

You should know by now this is not how it works.

Yes, I am well aware time outs don’t work.

Oh, no that’s a different server, haven’t checked up on that in quite some time. Quit that server for that and other reasons :joy:

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