Past time for a TOS update

You know what this is about if you read the forums.

This is about the MEGA build meta on PVE.
This is about blocking resources and bosses on PVany.
Encasing mesas in storm glass to make obelisks.
Surrounding islands with foundations.
Blocking off paths.
Building in cuts, caves, and crevices.
Building practically on top of obelisk.

This is about a complete revamp to the TOS, expanding out no build zones, and Funcom not only clearly defining the TOS but actually enforcing it as well; and I don’t mean only on report wars on PVP.

I’d like a “report player” option added to the repair hammer menu. You walk up, check the block with your hammer, it gives the usual info plus a report player option. When you click it a menu pops up asking for the reason.
Admin gets a notice, gives the block location, owners name, reporters name, and reason.
Players are only allowed 3 reports per day.
Rereporting a build just voids the previous report. Which means loosing it’s place in the admins queue.
Abuse of the report system will get you a time out from the system. Week first time, 2 next ect.

Next I’d expand out the no build zones, this would also include paths and resource/material nests.
An example. By the sentinels is a single iron node, could be built over. By the tower of the bat{?} are huge iron node fields. This entire area needs to be a no build zone.
This expansion would include ruins and land marks. No more building in the structures at Xel Ha, no more encasing ruins/land marks.

Next I’d add a construction count page to your character menu. Like the thrall page, it gives you the option to show your land claims on the map. Tell you how many foundations you have used; next to the limit for public servers, and how placeable heavy your build/s are. Each build would be listed separate like thralls.

At that point funcom aught to be able to put in an auto alert for someone using too many foundations,

Now this isn’t about server lag; mostly, this is about actually having to enforce common courtesy rules. What I consider being civilized. Now I know I’m abrasive, sardonic, disrespectful, and can come off being arrogant; it’s a mask. But I always play like I am playing on someone else’s server. Their house, their rules, and I am going to be conscientious of others in the house.

The issue is people get on a public server and build like it’s theirs and there is no limit. Oh ya you have to click “ok” to the rules when you log in, but whom has actually read them? And if they did they are so vague and open to interpretation that there is no reason to even have them. You know what happens when you give people wiggle room? Ya, and not only are they going to wiggle, they are going to wiggle as much as then can till dad reaches in the back seat and smacks them.

I for one thought that blocking access to a boss or chest was one of the top there NONOs, a certain TOS violation. If it isn’t then I have to question all the rules. I have to wonder if anything I read in the TOS is actually a rule; yes I read it. After reading the rules I thought I knew what was a TOS violation and what wasn’t. Seemed with the explanations it was pretty clear. But I just don’t know now.

Yes, I know this will get us no where. But posting about it is all I/we can do.

Oh, man. Just logged in to a public beta server. Read them rules, all up in your face.

Respectfully, game code should not be modified to police the Funcom servers. That opens up the possibilities of bugs for everyone who has already decided they are not suitable for their playstyle and diverts resources from keeping the game fresh to dealing with players who will take advantage wherever they can find it. The current ToS are enough imo.


I don’t see another option. What we have just is not working.

If you have other options please feel free to present them.

What we currently have is working fine, although Funcom should probably get a few more employees/admins hired so the bans/suspensions can be dished out a bit quicker.


“Working” is for FC to decide because of its value to them. I have no suggestions on changes because I think the ToS are fine as is.


Working fine would mean blatant TOS violations would not stand for months on end.
Working fine would not mean rules so open to interpretation that some thing can be and isn’t a violation. This isn’t schrodinger’s cat.

But it is up to US to actually try to enforce the TOS. And just how are we supposed to do that? Come to my PVE server, look around, obviously no one is enforcing the TOS. Or are they? Maybe what I see that fits funcoms definition of a TOS violation by example, isn’t?
Go read the TOS show me where it says it’s ok to block some world bosses or some treasure chests or some legacy item. Seems like a pretty all or nothing thing to me.
“If everyone is super, no one is super”.

Its not okay to block any world boss. Zendesk with a pic, report and sally forth. It may take them awhile to act because there’s a ton of violators, which is why I dont play there… its like a public park. The park you pay to play in is always cleaner than the one provided free of charge.

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I think the current TOS would work if they actually had admins logging into the servers on a regular basis. Seems like right now that only happens when something is reported.

If once a month or every 3 months an admin logged in and was able to view clan and player heat maps. (something that is in the Pippi MOD) They could pretty easily see big offenders and hopefully, give the player a chance to fix their base prior to destroying them.

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But it is. zendesk admin already said it was ok. Maybe, could just be that locked thread was someone talking out his hat and some one else more the whiling to defend them.

None the less doesn’t change the common opinion the TOS needs more clearly defined definitions of violations.

This isn’t a park and I paid to play when I bought the game.
When I bought the DLCs
And when I bought the battle pass.
This isn’t a F2P game, I can’t just walk in off the street and play it.

Too many servers. Cut down their number and you’ll see how it works fine.
They can’t police this enormous and unnecessary number of servers.

The TOS has zip to do with the number of servers.
Hell if I could find a PVE server that didn’t look like down town Dubai I’d go to it.

More over my suggestion would make it much easier for admin to do their job; if they were so inclined.

I’m with you there. Infractions everywhere. WHY? FUNCOM can’t have enough HR to police so many servers.
That’s why I say, close them. Less, but better.

The issue with PVE now is over crowding, of coarse a big part of that is mega builds.

I’m hesitant to agree to this. The last time they did a merger, many people didn’t come back. I was subjected to it on Exiled Lands and it was pretty devastating. Sure, you got to pick up your building pieces, but every combat thrall I had leveled and found, including rare ones (I still haven’t replaced Syra Brennerhet a year later!) were gone. I also had to debate on what I truly wanted to take since I couldn’t take it all. To police the servers by cutting them down and merging them isn’t good practice for their overall player base. This isn’t just some mmo where your character is all that transfers.

I think this just means something was lost in communication.

the thread that prompted this This isn't reportable now..?


Hum… right. I remember. I usually don’t mind starting fresh. I do it from my own accord, because I get bored when staying on top for too long.
But I see your point. I can only imagine them doing it in a server where you have your usual magnificent builds. A waste it would be.
But there used to be a lot of low pop, low online time servers. They could get rid of those…

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Strangest answer imaginable. Blocking a world boss is definitely a serious violation. I know. It was the intern who did it! :laughing:

I question that post. Nothing reportable is prohibited by the game’s design… I don’t want to say strongly that the post is intentionally misleading… but I will question whether it reflects reality. Its easy to make a mistake. That post simply doesn’t jive.

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Agree, you can say what you want on the forum but as far as I know if you report someone you’ll never know what action was taken, zendesk wont say.

None the less, players have been asking for more clearly defined TOS rules for a while now. And I’d like to see a more automated system.

Especially since I don’t want to be that guy, but some one has to be.