Being pretty does not give you a pass

Yes. That pet peeve of mine. And I honestly don’t know how else to try to change this attitude.
FYI this isn’t a specific person. This is PVE

Now I know you are a good person.
I know you have some seriously nice building talent.
I know you just want to help every one out with conveniences, like open maprooms, elevators, stairs and paths to make difficult short cuts easy.

But that in no way, shape, make or form makes you immune to the TOS.

Now I have no issues with convenience build that help our fellow players. But they do not need to be big elaborate examples of your skills.

I’ll put an elevator off the cliff next to the jungle obelisk as a convenience for me; easy access to buccaneers bay. If it’s convenient for me it’s convenient for everyone. My elevator looks more like a flotsam diving board then an elevator lobby, it’s there for convenience not looks. I may make it prettier but not bigger or well lit.

I know we all appreciate a maproom by an obelisk, but does it need to be any more then a foundation and a light? Maybe a dancer?

I’m not saying don’t make it pretty, I’m saying don’t make it big, elaborate, or extremely fancy/well lit.

This is something I need to point out to all builders. Animations cost fps, the more flickering torches and emoting thralls, the more drag on my GPU. So please, when you are building take in to account not everyone has a top of the line rig with the newest GPU. Assume most people are running in laptop mode not ultra. I recommend light sources that glow.

Not saying I don’t like easy paths with stairs and lights for difficult short cuts, in single player, or on a private server, but read the TOS. In these situations that is an ornamental land claim, a TOS violation.

That brings us to bridges. Now I know of a few places a simple bridge would save some run around time. Us players do appreciate these. Still could be considered a TOS violation. Now I see it as a scale, complexity thing. Nice little goat bridge in the north, a rope bridge in the jungle. Fits the aesthetic with out being elaborate. The golden gate over noob river is way too much.

But are most bridges against the TOS? When you could drag swim a thrall I thought all these water surface sand store things would go poof. Nope still run afoul of them regular. But with the age of war bridges are now a necessity. Once again, they don’t have to be huge, elaborate, or well lit. And I’d deeply appreciate if you built them above the water level. Not that hard to add one more pillar.

My opinion, funcom knows the pathing in game, add bridges for chapter 2 of the age of war.

I’d appreciate it if content producers would do some “how to build on a public server” videos. People see these beautiful builds; which I dearly love to watch, and think “I want to build that” and head straight for a public server to build the entire town of Camelot. Not just the castle but the surrounding city as well. They aren’t going to read the TOS, or if they do they will think so and so did it so it must be ok. That is why I am encouraging you all to make some public server TOS safe builds. Maybe even link some here.

No not having issues, just thinking while autorunng and moving my base. That boss is too freaking close, I keep losing pets.

Now if you know I’m on your server, don’t sweat. Till zendesk changes how they do things I wont be reporting builds. I have big issues with time outs/bans with out warning or explanation,

Please don’t take this as an attack, but I’m still trying to figure out why these rants even exist in the first place.

On the one hand, you keep complaining about the builds you think break the TOS. On the other hand, you keep saying that you refuse to report them.

So what gives? What’s the purpose of all this? Is it just venting? If it is, I’ll happily f*ck off to other threads and not bother you :smiley:


Trying to get through to builders and content producers.

I’ve give up getting through to zendesk. They simply are not going to do what I consider the right thing.

Okay. Not screaming into the void, but shouting into the wind. Got it.

The only thing I’ll say, before leaving you to it, is that I doubt very much that you’ll convince anyone to conform to your personal, specific building guidelines based on your own interpretation of the TOS. That’s pretty much why the reporting exists in the first place, so that each one of us can say “hey, Funcom, I think this breaks the TOS” and then Funcom admins come and decide if it does or doesn’t.

Anyway, good luck! :+1:


Pretty much.

You saw my other thread, was any of that my interpretation of the TOS?

And you know how I feel about how zendesk works.

If only.

Yeah i would say the advertising of making big village/castles in game contradicts there rules . But i guess it wouldnt look good in trailers if it was a little box getting attacked by the stygians :joy:

Didn’t have a talk with this person that builds like there are no limits. This is the same person that went on a rip and started accusing everyone on the server of reporting their builds when many went side ways do to the foundation bug. And I can see why their first thought was some one reported them. Didn’t talk because they just ignored me while showing some one around there build that surrounds a POI. Quite literally the entire island and then some.

This person is well aware their builds; BUILDS, violate the TOS yet keep building like there are no limits. For some reason think the TOS doesn’t apply to them because they do so much for the server.

This is the same person that will go on a rip if admin took action with their massive TOS violating builds. In their mind they are the victim and the reporter needs punishing. And with all their buddies on the server it would happen; other players would drive the reporter off the server like they were the one in the wrong.

Now this person is far from being unique, I’d bet you could find this same person on most every PVE public server. They may be the example used but how many of you are wondering if it’s you or if I’m on about some one on your server.

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Good luck with that. The default mindset of most human beings is to mistake kindness for weakness.

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Zendesk to the rescue!

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Not hardly, not how it works. The way zendesk works unless you have a bunch of reports on a server they will never investigate just a few. Even if I did support the way zendesk does things wrong, I have 0 faith my report will get any more then deleted at the end of the month.

My gripe is as much about zendesk as the TOS violating cities.

Lol of course your 100% the type who reports players and cries. Checks out how your attitude is. Your game probably takes 5 seconds longer to load and stam takes 5 seconds to load and you drool at the idea of reporting. Seen how your post on the forums how snarky and petty and sad you sound. 100% checks out.

Think I hit a nerve :rofl:

Are we felling just a little guilty?

You keep repeating the narrative that for a report to be actioned on, it must be accompanied by more than one report on the same information. This is ultimately false. By running around and repeating this lie, you are dissuading players from filing a report under the false perception that their single report means nothing.

Over the course of 4 years, I played on 4 different official PvE servers, and in those 4 years I filed a total of 16 reports only for severe building TOS violations. My reports focused solely on the following guidelines laid out by the Post from Umborls that showed visual examples of buildings/structures that will absolutely be actioned on by an admin.

Foundation Webs
Creating webs or arrays of foundation or fencing unfairly restricts other players from building in an area. It can prevent the respawning of resources and makes simply walking through the area difficult.
Bridges, Roads, paths
Bridges, roads, elevated paths, and other such structures might serve a practical purpose, or they may be built for aesthetics. Some of these structures may even be intended as a benefit to everyone on the server. However, the presence of such structures also lay claim to the surrounding land. We strongly recommend not building any bridges or roads on Official Servers as they are usually considered an abuse of the claim system.
Decorative Land Claim
There are some structures that are built for practical or aesthetic reasons that still negatively impact fair play. This might include watchtowers, outdoor torches, or geometric shapes. Despite any apparent quality of life improvements these can make, they also serve to claim land.

Now, knowing specifically what rules I considered a reportable build out of the 16 reports this is the breakdown of the Zendesk responses:

  • Admin actioned and ticket closed: 10
    “Our investigation has now concluded and any violations of our rules have been handled according to our policies.”

  • Ticket closed, no action taken: 2
    “We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.”

  • Ticket required additional report from another player to action and close: 1

  • Ticket needed a follow up reminder from me while still open, action taken and ticket closed: 1
    “Good day Zendesk, I am writing to follow up on my open ticket #1234. The reported building is still requiring your attention.”

  • Reported filed, but the build decayed. I responded to the ticket stating the issue was self-resolved and they can now close the ticket: 1

From my own experience, being a solo reporter, only one ticket…ONE required an additional player to file a report on the same build. When I used to file, my basic template went like this:

"Greetings Admin, I need to report a clan/player by the name of “Insert Clan Name Here” on Official PvE server #1234 in the map grid of N/12. They have created chains of foundation webbings as well as lighting structures along the beach and stretching up the mountainside outside their base to claim a large portion of land to block potential neighboring builds, which is against the TOS under the section of land claim abuse. As stated by Umborls in the official Funcom Conan Exiles forums below, the following building strategies are TOS violations; Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers - #4 by Umborls

Foundation Webs
Creating webs or arrays of foundation or fencing unfairly restricts other players from building in an area. It can prevent the respawning of resources and makes simply walking through the area difficult.

Decorative Land Claim
There are some structures that are built for practical or aesthetic reasons that still negatively impact fair play. This might include watchtowers, outdoor torches, or geometric shapes. Despite any apparent quality of life improvements these can make, they also serve to claim land

Thank you so much for your time investigating this matter. Take care."

I then provided 1 screenshot of my character’s arrow icon on the map where the build could be seen if an admin teleported to that exact location as well as 4 or so good screenshots showing the building/structures. If the issue was a large foundation chain, I tried to stand in a way that showcased just how large or long the chains spanned into the distance.

All that being said, I hope people will not be discouraged from reporting true TOS violations. I will never support false report filing or reporting a base simply because you do not like it. However, this “reports only get seen unless it’s multiple” is a complete and utter lie.


Reported. never investigated.

reported never investigated.

5 reports all with the same “sorry we been so busy hope issue solved self, byeeee”.

So if there aren’t many reports they wont be collected or investigated.

If my experiences were the same as yours we wouldn’t be here now, would we?

So my opinion based on my experience is a lie. So I’m sure you can guess what I think your opinion is, right?

A private server solves everything here. Complaining about official servers is like complaining about public bathrooms being a disaster.


What you want is for Funcom to hire admins who patrol the official servers and take action themselves. You’re not alone in thinking that, several players on this forum have supported live moderation, especially in regards to hacking/cheating however the likelihood of that happening soon is low.

You know what the current system is, how it works and what to do- yet you have decided to stop reporting TOS and instead crusade through these forums creating the same rant posts and commenting every chance you get what your gripe is about player buildings without doing anything on your part to resolve it. This is insanity.

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It would be simpler to just let people fend for themselves.
This isn’t Conan the Altruistic 12,000 years ago.

Bethesda fixed this in Fallout 76 with build limits. I’d be perfectly fine with build limits on official servers. It’s always frustrating to walk past a base that makes my game stutter to a halt. A build limit would also force players to build efficiently.

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Build limits are another of my ad nauseam topics. The issue is what effects your rig is more torches and NPC animations then building pieces.

But the only way to specifically stop massive builds would be a piece or land claim limit. I’ve always been a fan of land claim blocks.

Although this is more about encouraging players on public servers to build like it’s some one elses server.

My rig is a console. Never had the cash for PC. Maybe now that a new console costs about as much as a computer, I’ll upgrade. I’m still on Xbox One X. On PVE-C servers my games framerate chugs by mega bases. I normally build in the desert or jungle just to avoid the big bases unless I need something specific. My game runs fine on single player or around moderate bases. Something else Fallout 76 did was create shelters that load as instances. I don’t know the specifics of how it works, but I assume loading into a separate area that is not part of the persistent game world is less taxing on the system. I wish Conan would implement something similar. Maybe it could be the Age of Mining and we got separate instances to build underground.