Login video bad examples

I have to wonder why the new video running for age of war shows builds that are clear violations of the public server TOS?

You wonder why people build these massive cities? Because funcom’s preview video says it’s ok and they agree with out glance at the TOS.

its amazing youre post isnt removed, i asked something similar didnt last 5 min

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Probably because you won’t get banned for official tos violations on sp or private servers. Did we forget those exist again, Deacon?


No but people on the public server don’t seem to realize that. Show me where it points out those are on a private server. It doesn’t so most would assume those builds are just fine and never read the TOS.

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Or is it because even a larger base is not against TOS ?
The problem is extreme megabuilds with 50+ floors and a thousand torches.
You can try as hard as you want but you can’t make a clan base small, the most you can do is try to keep the number of foundations and torches etc to a minimum so you don’t slow down the server.

Sick whataboutism, jamster bud. Report any cheaters you find and the game will be a better place, instead of just expecting them to be auto-banned


Read the TOS ornamental villages; as depicted in the video, are a no no on the public servers.

Sorry, 4 days was all I could manage.

I say this respectfully, Deacon. I think you need a break from official servers for a while. Almost every post or comment from you is about how frustrated you are with other players regarding the buildings and the terms if service. It sounds like it’s really consuming a lot of your mental capacity in an unhealthy way.


I just got off a 4 day hiatus.

And I am pointing out why people on PVE think it’s ok to build huge RP villeges on the public servers.

Thing is only 1 of 18 posts today had anything to do with building. This thread is it.

The majority of the people you are frustrated with won’t ever use these forums, so you’re pointing this out to the same people every time. Again, I am not trying to personally attack you, Deacon.


Then why are you on me?

I’m on the internet

Well, I watched the video
decorative villages?
I understand that if you build a castle on a hill and a “village” somewhere outside the base with only NPCs and buildings that have no purpose, it’s against TOS.
And not that you build a base ( proportionally sized to whether it is solo player or clan ), fortify it (and the towers make sense) and decorate it a bit .
You can’t make it small because of the spacing between temples etc.
I admit that the massive fortress at the beginning is unnecessarily too big ( the walls and towers could be half the size and it would serve the purpose ) but this example is more like a demonstration for singleplayer and imho it would survive the official PC server , believe me there are worse things out there…this base is at least nice

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Why do you need the temples?

You mean like this base All that red is land claims.

  1. well even a lot of solo players want to build temples for multiple gods , if you’re in a clan it’s more or less standard (and it’s not against TOS)
  2. if the red part is a landclaim then that’s pretty much over the line even in my opinion, I know that area and this is going to be something from the massive build category
    it’s probably also about blocking POI - so another TOS violation

But I see that this doesn’t make sense - I’ll write you that when you are in a clan you can’t keep a small base , max you can try not to make it unnecessarily big ( to not break TOS ) but that giant megabuilds are bad.
And what do you come up with? A screen of something that will be a megabuild.

If you were this objective even as a local admin I’m glad I wasn’t on the forum at the time

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Thing is, even the devs say they build on private. They made a VERY clear comment about this in the Age of War stream. The same people who don’t read the ToS probably don’t watch streams either, but the onus of understanding the rules lies in the people certifying they’ve agreed to them, it’s not funcom’s responsibility to strangle-hold someone’s head until they actually read the rules or to limit themselves and private players because people don’t take the time to read the things they are agreeing to.


Thing is that is one of 5 just along noob river on the server I’m on. Does 0 good to report them because I’m not in a clan on PVP.

I want you to do something real quick. I want you to load up the game, bring up the server browser, and check out your public server that you play on. Don’t login to it. But I want you to read the NAME of the server.

What does it say? (Minus the number, so you don’t virtually dox yourself).

That seems to be a problem with people on public servers, not with the video. There’s a reason why Funcom is rubbing the rules in your face when you log into a public server, because no one seems to understand that they should read the rules.

Good luck explaining that, too. Everyone always talks about “big bases” being against the rules, and everyone always has their own special definition of what “big base” is, tailored to their own pet peeves. Meanwhile, the rules talk about the effects of your build, not the size of it, and they have been like that since the beginning.

Because I want to craft the things those shrines offer.

It’s perfectly possible to build all 7 shrines without:

  • building on top of a POI
  • claiming almost one whole grid square

Oh, goody, another trope to push around. PVP players love the “reporting meta” trope, it looks like we’re trying to create the “only PVP reports work” trope so that PVE players don’t feel left out. :tada:


Can’t right now, but didn’t know servers had names.

Not so much a pvp, pve thing, more a clan, single player thing. 5-6 people reporting a build has far more weight then just I do.