Login video bad examples

Well… you can build w/e you want unless its on the official servers
Sharing servers is caring for other players too

I don’t mind big bases myself though :')

Are you even sure you’re playing on one of the public servers? :rofl:

It would be hilarious if Deacon’s been playing on a private server this entire time.

Maybe? All I have is my own experience, and I’m a solo player. I reported a build for blocking an NPC spawn, and the build got removed within 48 hours, along with several other purely decorative builds that I didn’t report.

If it’s really true that they don’t investigate single reports, then those builds must have bothered other people on the server. Which, if you stop and think about it, isn’t such a bad way to prioritize reports. That way they don’t waste time over one person who just decided to report stuff they don’t like.

It’s public, has a number

Think it’s like public server exile lands. For me that is more label less name.

What’s the whole thing? Come on now. Let’s hear it.

You do realize no one can get past the title screen, right?

It’s true that both single and mass reports get investigated. Where it seems to come down the wire is whether the report ends up at the bottom of the barrel and doesn’t get looked at due to high volume of tickets. That’s where we see the emails saying “We hope this issue has resolved itself, if not please do x y and z” I can’t recall the exact verbiage, but I’m sure we all have seen those at some point on this forum.

It’s also true that a report gets investigated and the person doing the investigating concludes that the building does not violate any terms. I’ve only received one of those messages a long time ago, so even if someone believes that they are making a report in good faith, we can be wrong and they will tell us that.

I recall an odd situation last year (back when I was still on official) when a large number of players were all verbally expressing their hatred for a certain clan’s tower. The tower itself was shaped like a cross, yet the server convinced itself the tower was a reference to a T tower IRL, even though the clan’s name would have clued them into the tower’s real cross-like representation.

Despite my trying to explain to people they were overthinking the build, the players reported the tower with multiple tickets. Within a week or so, they all dropped the issue because they were informed the tower (which was a cross, given the clan’s name) was not a TOS violation. They simply did not like looking at what they saw.


The intro shows what the game can do.
Not necessarily what the player should do.

Honestly, builds as demonstrated would crash or never finish rendering on some of the platforms this game is played on. However, that’s the platform, not the game.

Same with official servers. Or any server for that matter.
The server has rules. Specific to those servers.
While this one tends to be of the Officials should offer a comprehensive rather than introductory experience, those rules do still pop up big when this one logs on.

In short, this one sympathizes with your primary concern, but in specific, it’s not going to be changed and may not even be feasible to change.


So why don’t you post screenshots of buildings that you think violate the rules in the forum? Take specific screenshots instead of providing a map and drawing a circle saying that there is a problem. We can completely compare the illegal buildings you mentioned with the violation cases provided by the authorities.

I’ll do it for you then.

Official server #xxxx PvP - g-portal . com
Official server #xxxx PvE Conflict - g-portal . com
Official server #xxxx PvE - g-portal . com

Something akin to that I’m certain.

You’re playing on an advertisement. A trial. Not the full experience. Effectively a billboard with extra steps.

So your point is?

That you’re being a loyal G-portal follower by limiting your own game experience voluntarily. You did that to yourself.

I have not that long ago.

And that has what to do with zendesks lack of follow through on individuals reporting TOS violation? Or the log in video presenting TOS violating builds with out clarifying they are on a private server.

I will argue with you there. My single reports have never been investigated.

The way I read that unless they have a bunch or reports from a server they will never investigate.

Note: in the test server some one thought it was a great idea to build this gleaming monolith next to the sink hole. Every time I used that obelisk I got a long enough freeze up I thought I had disconnected. So TOS violation ?

@DeaconElie, may I ask an honest question? No argumentation, no personal jabs, I am being genuine here-

Is your playtime on the official server more of a negative experience than a positive experience due to other people’s buildings?

because there’s no one to see this post at Funcom yet… which is why the authentication problem is still an issue.

Only for the few seconds it takes to get by them. Despite being abrasive I’m a rule abiding, considerate player. I see obvious TOS violating builds as being inconsiderate.

My point being new players will see that village and think it’s ok to build one on the public server they just logged in to.

Except that’s not the case, Deacon. It clearly bothers you a lot more than you’re willing to admit and I’m not trying to “win” anything over you either. I’m trying to point out that you’re in a repetitive rotation of dissatisfaction with this particular aspect of the game.

And my point is that you, nor anyone here will ever be able to prevent future behaviors, nor can we do anything to train current players by making multiple posts and or comments on the same issue that bothers you. The only option you have is to continue to try and report the obvious violations and move on. Or, there is another possibly very fun option for you; I suggest you take a bit of time and search for private servers where building rules are more in line with your play style.

I am not even being flippant when I say that, I think you could really benefit from joining a server that feels the same way you do. I don’t suggest going out and renting a server out of the gate, but to check in on the servers that are often advertised on the forums. Many times they are looking to fill empty slots with new members.

I bet you will find one that you like.

The game building rules are, just wish they were actually enforced.

It has been made abundantly clear my report doesn’t count unless it is joined by 3 or 4 others.

All of that because I feel the TOS should be enforced. Am I wrong in feeling it should be? Am I wrong in believing everyone on public server should follow the rules? Am I wrong in thinking people should have consideration for other players?

Apparently you think I am.