I have a question and it might have been answered a hundred times already

I’m curious how is it one person with one huge base gets suspended, but yet a clan is allowed to have like 15 bases across the map and only log in to refresh them? I have noticed a increasing number of obnoxious builds that just are brutally causing lag and disconnects along with FPS drops. If it against the rules to do this?

If the builds are in conflict with the ToS (Mainly laggy structures with stacked pieces) then you can report them. If their crime is simply “They’re built in several locations” then it’s not against the ToS unless they’re abusing land claim.

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I could do a video and run all over the map where they have multiple structures that are just taking up large swaths of space and causing FPS drops and lag.

If they’re spammed everywhere and causing lag that would also be against the TOS. They don’t just magically explode the second they break the rule, they need to be reported for action to be taken.

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