Lag being caused by huge bases

Bases that are clearly against the TOS but yet they are being allowed to remain on servers when they are reported. So my question is have you changed your standards/rules on bases or are you so busy with the Bazaar that you no longer care to remove bases that are clearly against the rules when reported? These bases are breaking land claim rules, blocking paths, have overuse of torches (lag inducers)…all of which are against the TOS that you so kindly remind of us when we log in. Because it is beyond frustrating when trying to play on servers that suffer from these issues and nothing is being done about it lately.

I’m not sure what you mean, server lag? Of low FPS?
Cause torches can cause FPS drop but has little to do with the server latency.

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My main concern is that zero action is being taken against bases that are built against all of the rules in the TOS and causing issues for other players. By not taking action against these bases it causes the expanding problem of sprawling bases most owned by the same clan that cause players issues for their continued enjoyment.

Zero lag from huge bases here.

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A friendly player I talked to did the layered wall trick to really protect his base. Someone used Explosive Jars along the wall and It grinded the server to a hault. We had 5 Sandstorms in a row, damage didn’t register on enemies when I attacked or on myself when the sandstorm happened. I could still move around, but the damage instantly caught up to me and I died. The camera then rotated around my body for 3 minutes before the loading screen started the long proses of respawning me. The fire stopped burning after having affected the server for 20 min and suddenly everything was fine. I even managed to get my loot back before my body disappeared.
The walls are not properly connected, so maybe each wall was considered a single base and it messed something up.
He said he had 1 frame every 2 seconds when he looked at the fire, but I guess that’s mostly his computer struggling. No bad frames on my end, but the server was acting crazy
It was an official PvP server btw

I am going to have to agree with the OP about FC slacking on the TOS issues. I reported two spam bases two months ago, and the last email I got on both tickets was the, “We are really busy, is it still an issue” BS.
Though I do not have the lag or FPS issues a lot, I hate seeing people coming back to the game with the same old build huge/refresh/never play mentality.
A clan on my server basically owns the whole Cursed Mounds area with spam spiderwebbing out everywhere to stop others from building there. I have looked for this clan everyday to talk to them and they are never on.


The last month it has been tickets being closed after sitting for about 10 days with “issue solved” but the bases are still standing. One of the bases is massive with foundation walls that have a hanging torch on every other block both inside and out. The other base has tons of torches on the ground forming pathways from the base and both of those bases are blocking pathways.
I never see those players online.

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I do think they’re a bit overwhelmed with the new additions to the game but they are still addressing tickets aside from the c/p “we’re too busy” emails; that unfortunately requires a reply email for them to pick it back up.

They did hire 2 more individuals for customer support.

Keep in mind that they address these tickets on a case by case basis.

But, I think it is also worth a mention that it has been communicated that they’re currently working on ToC so perhaps the delay is related to that.

With the huge influx of cash from Battlepass and the Bazaar they need to step it up and hire more than two people. I know I alone have spent a few hundred dollars US in the last two months.

I want to support this game, but also want to see real results from that support. It is not happening.


Post one picture of those huge bases, most of “Huge bases causing lag” that player blame are not so big as they claim. I lag near even of small huts, but ir can be my client, my connection my disk a lot of factors, i already saw server running very fine even being crowed of bases, so this argue that bases cause server lag is relative… Server laggy as we have observating latelly has much more to relation with number of players on server that several decreases the server performance when above 20 players. Seens to be a bandwidth problem as the ping increaes the server fps drops.

I saw a lot of bases getting wiped, and server performance was improved by zero, even worsened, and witnessed people making the server reach 1020 ping because of dupping being impune, usually (on my server those are the same for used to report others.).

Okay, no problem!

it keeps going

I reported this base over 6 months ago, and after about 30 days I received the exact email that JJ was describing above “sorry, we hope this issue fixed itself”. This is owned by one clan on official PvE.

How would server performance get worse from removing a build?

If the those buildings is one base them they are truly abusing land claim.

Days before the a month before 3.0 FC started to mass ban on my server after they changed the server ip the ping was reaching 500 + even after they cleared a lot of bases ingluding the mine that was light years smaller than this one you show up the server performance was decreasing day by day, only after a storm of tickets and complains they realeased a patch that make things a little better, but only after the end of the free to play week the servers slowly back to normal.

It is one base/one build.

Bear with me, I’m trying to understand this as it’s written. Are you saying that Ping has a direct correlation to buildings being wiped or not wiped? Are you also saying that server performance improved after all the free-to-play people left leaving their builds to decay and lighten the server load?

I play on official servers, I have adsl as I live in a rural location, I’m also Asia/pacific which seems to be a very ‘dispersed’ region regarding server access; I have no discernible lag when near epic bases. I had a big problem a few days ago with a base at the top end of the river near the Black Flag ship biome - just past the Mitra shrine, building completely blocked access up the river, and my thrall rope was gonna break, and wild beasts chasing me, and a thrall only half levelled (Arnos), and I will report them some time soon if it is still there, but I have almost no lag from buildings or whatevs.
I play on console, Series X.

Kind regards,
TrapKill :slight_smile:

Not trying to be confrontational here, but what does the building situation look like on the rest of the map? You said you play on officials; is that Pvp, pve-c or pve?

I am not a game developer, so I can’t say for sure, but depending on the structure, I doubt that 1 overbuilt base could ruin a server (although I am prepared to be incorrect about that). However, many of those along with a large number of mid-size functional bases? That must be taxing some servers in some ways somehow because it is noticeably happening on my servers.

First get good consol or computer and great internet connections by cable. Your lag are gonna disapeared

are you giving me that suggestion?

Big bases do not cause server lag. If they did, lag would be constant as the buildings are constant.

There are two reproducible ways to tank server performance I’ve seen since launch. One is increasing the active players on the server, the other is mass spawning of storm creatures when Siptah released.

And quite frankly if huge bases tanked server performance, I find it hard to believe this wouldn’t have been addressed after 5 years. It’s a myth, just like huge numbers of thralls and pets tanking server performance was a myth.