I need your help - Is base like this reportable?

Hi guys,

I have one important question for you. My friend on our server has huge, long, high and wide base. It’s not blocking anything anywhere, there are many elevators and shortcuts for quicker travelling, which are accessible to anyone. Not to mention it’s really admirable work from that person, who also put a big effort into it, so the buildings and shortcuts are aesthetically pleasing.

The only problem here is, that the bas is close to 30k of building pieces, which causes lagging for other players near that base. So far almost no one had problem with this, because it’s hardly some problem for the old core players.

Then there came some new people and started to troll and threaten to the friend, that he will be reported by them, because of the lagging in the sight of his base. Also told us that the last crash of the server was for sure because of him.

So I want to know, if there is some competent person who could tell me, if this could be the reason to wipe this friend’s effort, just because some toxic players want to be a-holes?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I’d consider myself competent. But I’m fairly certain it could be enough to result in a ban. Especially if multiple people report it.


A BAN? Seriously? I hope it won’t get that far, in my opinion he is doing nothing wrong, so far there is no real limit for building pieces for anyone, so why ban anyone with big base, which is not blocking anything important?

  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory-intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

Straight out of the TOS. And there lies the problem, or at least one of them. A base could cause me major lag while not causing any noticeable drop in performance for you simply because our specs ate different.


Noone can know for sure but funcom, so yes its possible for a wipe and ban and also possible nothing will be done, also at current time they have so many reports that not everyone of them will be investigated at all. But yeah its a lottery game. Just make sure every building has a function and theres no builds there just for show.

Well in that case why don’t we already have some strict and clear building limit?

Experienced something similar in my own base, which had aroun 25 000 building pieces. So apparently it will be something like this, plus/minus.

But until we have no clearly stated building limit, which we apparently need, how can a user be banned for doing nothing against rules? :slight_smile: There I would get the reduction of his claim and building, not the ban though.

I don’t know what to tell ya.

I personally was fine with official servers before they instituted these TOS and feel that no one should be banned for building anything unless it’s malicious, ie blocking obelisks, boxing in other players, paving the shattered springs.

Banning someone because their build is too much for another players machine to handle client side is absolutely absurd to me. Frankly, I don’t believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. And I lived through a guy completely walling in New Asagarth and building a highway from the desert spawn to the volcano.


Yes, that is what I have in mind.
All the mentioned by you are in the official rules, so it’s logical and ok to get punsihed when one does it:

  1. Blocking frequented pathways
  2. Blocking important spawn spots
  3. Blocking important resource nodes
  4. Blocking obelisks

I personally would add trap bases for only this one purpose as well, but it’s just my personal point of view, with which another few people agree.

About the benefits - some toxic and atrabilious people would feel awesome, if they succeed in ruining the game for the others. :slight_smile:

Here are some pics I got for the readers, so you can imagine, what is the base like. It’s not about some ugly, foundations spam building abomination:

Those elevators also allow other person to overcome some really long distance in literally no time.

Very risked

You are probably playing on a pve server. avoid making you enemies. it could get you in big trouble

That friend already made “goodbye video”, if it gets reported and deleted.

When I was there few minutes ago, it was not causing any horrible lags or crashes, it just was little stuttery while moving inside and trough the base.

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Unfortunately the way the TOS are at this point, doesn’t matter how nice the base is. You can literally get banned for just enjoying building. Never heard of any game before banning people simply for playing the game, but this is the current state of Conan.

The way the landclaim terms are stated it’s basically like a speed limit sign that just says “not too fast.”

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Well in that case someone could report even me, for building outpost on the Bridge of Betrayer, just for paving it, putting big braziers on each pillar of the feature bridge (so there is light for anyone), and and building warm fireplace room with the gate in the middle, so every passing by person can remove the frostbite and extremely cold status, eventually.

The same the bridge to the volcano obelisk and area around that - I claimed it, paved and put maproom in fron of the obelisk a and lights on the bridge for everyone. Both things also mainly to prevent some blockhead noob players to block it with some orange ugly square buildings right in the way of passing by players (happened many times on our server).

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You can’t build those things on official servers, @Archivist . Those massive buildings might be allowed on private servers and are ok on single player, obviously.
If it’s pve, he might endure for a while, but it’s in violation of the TOS.


You mean even those of mine? I’ll upload a pictures of both later.

So it isn’t so much the size or amount of buildings as they’ve clarified.

Placeables, especially torches, are very memory intensive and take a longer time to load in. That is one aspect.

Another is that the buildings must have purpose. Building a nice building to look at it means that you’ve taken up a spot that other people could have for their own bases. You share the servers with others and must respect that.

This is all information I and others interested in this subject have gleaned from official responses.

I 100% believe that this base would be devwiped. Regardless of its size though. Over time I’ve seen that enough reports result in a suspension regardless of its validity.


The first mentioned one IS NOT my base. :smiley: I said it is base of one fellow player.

So elevators or bridges and pathways mean no purpose.

The same as mine stuff, such as the warm place in frostbite risky areas, or freely available maprooms or wells in the hot areas?

If so, I would rather remove it. With the hope some douchbag won’t come and make some block claim.

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There could be at least some procaution in the “only one way” pathways, such as the Betrayer’s bridge. No building for ANYONE.

If someone preventing blocking claims from anothers is problem, no one should be able to build in those areas.

While I agree with this to a point, the fact is that we share the game with the rest of the community and that includes private servers. A large change such as preventing placement at key points can and will negatively affect others that are not responsible for following the ToC. So that must be taken into consideration.

We are at the behest of unclear rules and the charge of being responsible. But how can you be responsible when you are not even 100% sure of those rules to begin with? Gosh, I wish I knew the answers :frowning: