Where are the TOS for this game? How to report trolls

I’m trying to find the TOS to see if I can report a clan for blocking the obelisk for teleport. And the Forge at the volcano on a pve c server. I understand you can build anywhere but I don’t think you can block those things. More so on pve where a player can’t fighr back.

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There is none. They’ve stated they will not moderate the official servers. They exist as a courtesy to the playerbase only. Players may use private servers of owners they trust or play singleplayer/co-op.

Apparently, that is the culprits idea of domination.
Why do you put up with that crap?

I play OS, even back on ARK. Private host tend to be pay to win or just do a lot of admin abuse But why take out the no build zones? for what?

Some guy on an official PvE server I play on has almost entirely blocked Sepumuru or whatever it’s called. With absolutely gigantic black walls and fortresses. It is beyond belief.

tbh I can understand building and claiming big areas, but as long as you don’t block access to a game feature like the teleports or black ice forge that is BS.

This is nature of the beast. The game has always been, and will continue to be, about community servers. Personally I think it was a mistake adding more official servers and, if anything, they should have reduced their presence and instead have put more focus on promoting the community.

People have things backwards and are convinced that the official servers are in some way superior options when in reality nothing could be further from the truth. If you want modrated servers, superior server specs, larger playerbases, events, and custom content, play community.

If you want griefing and GTA in loincloths, play official.

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PVE sounds awful lol

PVE dedicated servers can be great if you love to build, but PVE official servers sound like nightmares, yet every time I ask people why they put up with it, all they do is say “Admin abuse”. So they’d rather have someone shyit in their cereal than risk an admin having any sort of control. I always play on dedicated servers, and I never dealt with admin abuse. I had admins destroy things because it was against their rules, but the rules were plain to see, so there shouldn’t be an issue with it.

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